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ShowMeCon 2018 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

ShowMeCon 2018 Videos

These are the videos ShowMeCon 2018. Thanks to Renee & Dave Chronister (@bagomojo) and others for having me out to record and speak. Also thanks to my video crew @r3tr0_cod3x, James, Aaron, Jon and some other people I may have forgotten.



The Insecure Software Development Lifecycle: How to find, fix, and manage deficiencies within an existing methodology.
April C. Wright

The Sky Isn't Falling, But the Earth May be Shifting: How GDPR Could Change the Face of InfoSec
Cliff Smith

Gulliver's Travels: Security Exploits and Vulnerabilities Around the Globe
Kevin Johnson

From DDoS to Mining: Chinese Cybercriminals Set Their Sights on Monero
David Liebenberg

ANTI-OSINT AF: How to become untouchable
Michael James

Who's Watching the Watchers?
Nathan Sweaney

We don't have to worry about that, It's in the cloud
Arnar Gunnarsson

Paul Coggin

Getting Newcomers into Infosec: The Tribulations of the Auburn University Hacking Club
Matthew Rogers

Exploring Information Security Q&A Panel
Timothy De Block

Securing Windows with Group Policy
Josh Rickard

ATAT: How to take on the entire rebellion with 2-3 stormtroopers

How Hyperbolic Discounting is keeping your security program from succeeding
Jon Clark

Hijacking the Boot Process - Ransomware Style
Raul Alvarez

Building a Cyber Training Range on a Budget
Robert Guiler

Lessons Learned from Development and Release of Blacksmith (The Meltdown Defense Tool For Linux)
Jared Phipps

How to Train Your Kraken - Creating a Monster Out of Necessity
Sean Peterson

PowerShell exploitation, PowerSploit, Bloodhound, PowerShellMafia, Obfuscation, PowerShell Empire, the Empire has fallen, you CAN detect PowerShell exploitation
Michael Gough

Offensive Cartography
Trenton Ivey

The Wrong Kind of DevOps Talk - Now with Extra Badness!
Bobby Kuzma

This Job is Making Me Fat!
Thomas Smith

Getting Physical on a Human Pentest
Summer Lee
(Not Recorded)

You'll understand when you are older
Amanda Berlin & David Cybuck

Bitcoin - The generation of private keys based on public keys, a live demonstration
Richard Dennis


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