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You'll understand when you are older - Amanda Berlin & David Cybuck (ShowMeCon 2018) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

You'll understand when you are older
Amanda Berlin & David Cybuck
@Infosystir @dpcybuck
ShowMeCon 2018

Growing up, we've all had older wiser people in our lives bestow wisdom upon us. Whether it was a parent, grandparent, other relative, mentor, or some other person, they were able to use their experiences and use idioms passed down to them to potentially help you out with whatever situation you were in. These idioms sometimes work really well in the context of information security. Not only do they cover different social aspects of the infosec community, but in our day to day lives working away in the trenches or in the board rooms, so many of them can be reused from our childhood. We'll work through these and explore how the idioms you've heard a million times before, or maybe never knew about, can help us focus, learn, and succeed as professionals.

Bio: Amanda Berlin is a Sr. Security Analyst for a consulting firm in Southern Michigan. She is the author for a Blue Team best practices book called "Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure" with Lee Brotherston through O'Reilly Media. She is a co-host on the Brakeing Down Security podcast and writes for several blogs. She has spent over a decade in different areas of technology and sectors providing infrastructure support, triage, and design. Amanda has been involved in implementing a secure Payment Card Industries (PCI) process and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance as well as building a comprehensive phishing and awards-based user education program. Amanda is an avid volunteer and has also presented at a large number of conventions, meetings and industry events. Some examples of these are: DerbyCon, O,Reilly Security, GrrCon, and DEFCON. While she doesn't have the credentials or notoriety that others might have, she hopes to make up for it with her wit, sense of humor, and knack for catching on quick to new technologies. David is excited to bring application security into CI/CD (DevSecOps), supporting fellow professionals with coaching and positivity, and he's trying to relearn how to code in C#. He is a husband and a father of 3, and in his free time he plays a level 11 paladin. For the last 6 years he has been committed to applying a background in development, risk assessment, pentesting, auditing, monitoring, and a little DFIR to improving all software. Enjoys the challenge of moving businesses toward improved defensive security, assume breach, incident detection, and producing hack-resistant products for safe cities.

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