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BSidesCT 2019 Videos

BSidesCT 2019 Videos

These are the videos of the presentations from BSidesCT 2019. Thanks to Will Genovese, Tom Barber and Bill Reyor for having me out. Thanks to Greg Jurman, Spencer Smalley, Steven Swabby and Daniel Robels.

Roman Simanovich

Brian Kelly

Event Injections: Sending Evil to the Cloud
Tal Melamed

Blue-teaming & Incident Response for the "Win"!
Roy Wattanasin

Election hacking defined, and how to fight back
Andy Dennis

Rethinking Privileged Access Management for Agile Clouds & Data Center Environments
Brian Gladstein (Audio missing after 40:50)

Reversing and Bypassing DRM/HSM Dongles
Jeremy Mill

Extensible DevSecOps pipelines with Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, and a kitchen sink full of scanners
Richard Bullington-McGuire (No audio after 36 min)

Vigilante: Bringing a nail bat to a gun fight

Trust and Security: The Odd Couple Driving Your Business
Loren Dealy Mahler

Wrangle Your Defense Using Offensive Tactics
Matt Dunn

Most Vulnerable Product: Easy to implement security solutions and strategies for the modern web application stack
Jason Portnoy

The Unmanaged Device Tsunami: Surf or Suffer?
Ziv Dines

Building Castles in the Cloud: AWS Security and Self-Assessment
Rami McCarthy

Zoom 0-Day: How not to handle a vulnerability report
Jonathan Leitschuh

Securing Active Directory & PAM for ADDS
Rohit D'Souza

Prizes and closing remarks
Roman Simanovich

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