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We don't have to worry about that, It's in the cloud - Arnar Gunnarsson (ShowMeCon 2018) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

We don't have to worry about that, It's in the cloud
Arnar Gunnarsson
ShowMeCon 2018

During these last few years more and more companies move their products and offerings to hosted cloud solutions. We've never before seen such an amount of brand new service offerings that we didn't knew we needed and everything is cloud based. Why is it that we are so accepting of cloud providers and we're sure that they have everything in order? When choosing a new hosting partner for On-Premise equipment we have them go through so many hoops (background checks, vendor surveys, etc). Then when we're choosing a cloud partner it's like the only thing that matters is that it's new, cool and cheap. During the last couple of years when choosing a new cloud provider, I started asking them the hard questions and asked to see more behind the scenes and asked about internal processes and procedures and the results shocked me. In this talk I,ll show you just how bad the security practice really is for a couple of big providers. (without naming any names)

Bio: Arnar S. Gunnarsson works as the CTO for one of Iceland's largest MSP/Hosting providers (Origo). Arnar has 15+ years experience with enterprise level IT and has been on the Ops side for most of that time but focusing on security for about 5 years. He has worked on a large percentage of Iceland's critical infrastructure and leads Origo's security response team and has a seat on it's security council. Arnar has been speaking about security in Iceland and the rest of the world for a couple of years and has been working on increasing participation in the security community in Iceland by hosting talks, teaching classes and organizing conferences both with domestic and international participants.

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