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´╗┐How to Train Your Kraken - Creating a Monster Out of Necessity - Sean Peterson (ShowMeCon 2018) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

How to Train Your Kraken - Creating a Monster Out of Necessity
Sean Peterson
ShowMeCon 2018

Ahoy Adventurers! Join our crew and set sail on a high seas adventure as we discover the salty truth about password hashes and protocol responses, and dispel the myths that frighten off all but the heartiest of adventurers. Finally, when you,ve learned enough to captain your own crew, you,ll hear a story about the mythical Kraken, and how you can bend this beast to your own purposes. Let,s take a deep dive into the journey of hash cracking, the observations made, the discoveries, and perhaps most importantly, how to assemble your own crew of scurvy dogs, adept at cracking and eager to plunder hashes with abandon. Whether you plan on building a Kraken of your own, or are just along for the ride, this talk is designed to entertain and help chart the dark waters of hash cracking. Hop aboard, raise the anchor, and let,s learn how to go from blunders to plunder.

Bio: Sean,s passion for Information Security started with a chance encounter with a well-known Penetration Tester while studying Management Information Systems at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis. After working as a Windows Administrator and then an Incident Responder while attending college, Sean broke into the InfoSec field as a penetration tester. Sean currently specializes in network penetration testing, password cracking, and social engineering at Parameter Security. He is well known in the Saint Louis InfoSec sphere for his profound desire to learn and spends his free time mentoring a handful of students in various IT related fields. Sean is an avid InfoSec conference participant and volunteer. He holds several industry certifications from CompTIA and ISC▓, and is currently working towards the coveted OSCP. He is also an author and Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Cybrary.IT where his goal is providing others with the resources and tools they need for their advancement in the InfoSec community.

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