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Circle City Con 2019 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Circle City Con 2019 Videos

These are the Circle City Con videos. Thanks to the staff for inviting me down to record. Big thanks to @irishjack, @TheHomoHacker, @Paint27, @songsthatsaved, @nogoodrobot, @kitwessendorf, @cxstephens, @uncrustabl3@0xBashCat and others for helping set up AV and record.



Data Access Rights Exploits under New Privacy Laws
Amber Welch

How to reach and teach youth about Cybersecurity (if anybody will let you)
Jason Smith

More Tales from the Crypt...Analyst
Jeff Man

Don't Wait 5 Tactics to Leveling Up Your InfoSec Career
Meag Lees

Could Static Code Analysis and Secure Coding have Saved the Death Star?
Mary Waddick

I’ll Complete My Threat Model Later Mom!: Infosec in Middle School.
Ashley Benitez Smith

Cons & Careers
Steven Bernstein

3D printing canister-launchable drones for city-scale wardriving
Glytch Tech

The Hunter Games: How to find the adversary with Event Query Language
Ross Wolf

Star Wars: How an ineffective Data Governance Program destroyed the Galactic Empire
Micah Brown

Security lessons from the Woofmutt…
Chris Roberts

What The Frida Gave Me: A Novel Take on E-Ticket Forging and E-Ticket Stealing
Priyank Nigam
(Not Recorded)

It's Coming From Inside the House: An Inside-Out Approach to NodeJS Application Security
Yolonda Smith

Get off my lawn… or are we looking for the right people?
Mike (Shecky) Kavka

Endpoint Security, Swimming Through the Snake Oil
Dan Beavin

Do You Have What It Takes? How to Support Your Career From Community Involvement
Kathleen Smith

Catching the Guerrilla: Powershell Counterinsurgency
Aaron Sawyer

SigInt for the Masses: Building and Using a Signals Intelligence Platform for Less than $150
Josh Conway

InfoSuck: The Nasty Bits Of The Industry We Want To Tell Noobs But Aren't Allowed To In Polite Company.
Danny Akacki

Standardizer: a standardization framework for your security alerts
Christian Burrows

Call Of Duty, Modernest Browser Warfare v2
Dhiraj Mishra
(Did not happen)

Information Security Practice Principles a Rosetta Stone for information security work
Susan Sons

What Can Data Science Do for Security?
Wendy Edwards

Deepfakes: If anything can be real then nothing is real
April Wright
(Not Recorded)

Evicting the Password from the Digital Estate
Alex Chalmers

A Theme of Fear: Hacking the Paradigm
Catherine Ullman

Beginning DFIR - How to get started with Cooties
Lisa Wallace

Of CORS it's Exploitable! What's Possible with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing?
Rebecca Deck

Nexus Zeta - How a newbie hacker managed to create a monster botnet
Adi Ikan

5G: Security Pitfalls and Considerations
Swapnil Deshmukh
(Did not happen)

Training and Education for the New Realities of Privacy and Security
Mitchell Parker

Container Security Deep Dive
Yashvier Kosaraju

Hacking Humans: Addressing Vulnerabilities in the Advancing Medical Device Landscape
Gabrielle Hempel

One Random Insecure Wep Application Please (ORIWAP)
Nancy Snoke

an Implantable Computer
Doug "c00p3r" Copeland

Modern AppSec Gotchas
Fletcher Heisler

A Few Things Right: Insights from Live and Simulated Incident Response
Chad Calease

The Resilient Reddit C2
Zach Zenner

Behind The Locked Door: we built an escape room for security awareness
Matthew Southworth Christian Bobadilla

F! Attribution
Xena Olsen Jared Peck

Inside Out Security - Building Castles not Warehouses
Alyssa Miller

Failure Is Not an Option: Developing Realistic Disaster Recovery Tests
Colin Campbell

Wibbly Wobbly: Designing Security for Systems that are Bigger on the Inside
Wolfgang Goerlich

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