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Cons & Careers - Steven Bernstein (Circle City Con 2019 Videos) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Cons & Careers
Steven Bernstein

Circle City Con 2019

“If you compete with others, you may not win. If you compete with yourself, you always win by becoming better.” ― Debasish Mridha PURPOSE: Demonstrate the possibilities of career enhancement by making use of the wide variety of conferences, conventions, and events that are put on in the wider Information Security community When I got my first job out in the real world, I thought: this is it: All I’m ever going to need to know for my career, for my job. Got a rude awakening that was one of those worthwhile lessons taught outside of school: invest in becoming a lifelong learner. How do you come across new ideas to keep things fresh? To borrow a saying, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room! Attending conferences is one way to learn about different viewpoints. Revisiting ideas is one way to renew our minds and impact the way we think. Peeking into points along a career path will demonstrate an approach to keeping an eye on constant growth, while watching out for warning signs for burn out. Compete against yourself and you’ll Maybe it was the dialog in the scene or suddenly understanding what the writer must have been thinking. The point is, the introduction of new ideas is essential to keep adding value to ourselves and the things we do.

@BSidesSATX coordinator. @BSidesLV AV Staff. IAM practitioner. #InfoSec #podcast host for @SEndeavors @CoderDojoSA Raspberry Pi class Working in the field of Digital Identity since 2002, SciaticNerd is actively involved in the San Antonio InfoSec community, attending and contributing to SAHA and other local groups and diligently working to promote involvement with computing, security, and technology.

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