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Workout at the Gym

A Day at the Gym

     I've done a lot of work on the computer security section of this website so I figured it was about time to add something to the fitness section. Picture at right is my home away from the computer desk, the gym. I get to the gym three time a week for 1 hr sessions. The following is a brief representation of some key exercises that will help develop ones body. Here I have some pics and clips of my friends performing these movements along with my co-writer Stanley Spadowski.
     Pictured on the left are Stanley Spadowski (spotting, and my co-writer for this page) and Kay (doing the bench pess). The bench press is great for developing pectoral and tricep strength, depending on the position of your hands as you do the lift. The narrower grip puts more emphasize on the triceps and a wider grip emphasizes the pecs. At some later point we will discuss the use of the cambered bar. This is a bar which is curved in the center allowing more of a stretch at the bottom part of the movement. More stretch equals more growth. As stated earlier we will deal with this at a later time. :)
      Bench press and smith machines are another option, but you don't get as well rounded of a workout because you are not using your stabilizing muscles. If you want your workout to show in real world strength (daily lifting tasks, like rack mounting a large server) I highly recommend using mostly free weights in your workout. If you don't have a spotter you may have to get by with these machines.
     If you don't have a spotter for regular bench you may want to try, the dumbbell bench press. At right you see Adrian prepping to do a few sets.  The dumbbell bench press has a few advantages, I feel it's better than using a machine because you work and learn how to use your stabilizing muscles, if you are too tired to do another rep you can slowly drop the dumbbells with out choking yourself and finally you get a longer range of motion. You will really feel the stretch in your pectorals when you do this exercise. Again more stretch equals more growth. :)








     Here we see Adrian doing a set of bicep curls using the preacher bench. Notice the use of strict form.  As with all weight training this should be done precisely so as to recruit the proper muscles. Done incorrectly the bicep curl can totally forego the use of the bicep. Later we will add a section devoted to those with bad form titled "DON'T  BE THAT GUY".



     Don't forget the importance of stretching, here you see Stanley Spadowski stretching in preparation for doing the squat. It is good to get some stretching in however you don't want to over do it.


     I decided to put in a video for the squat to help show the proper form. Being in the power rack and having a spotter helps your form and lessens the chance of damaging your back while performing this lift. Caution is still advised. The squat is considered a total power lift. Squatting is a useful exercise as it involves your quadriceps and lower back (some of the larger muscles in your body), when using these larger muscles your body will promote the production of testosterone. This will benefit all of your lifts.



     The pull-up is a fantastic exercise, using a large portion of your back and developing the lats. Proper development of the lats are necessary for the V-shape torso. This is ideal for those who want that body building physique. Here Stanley Spadowski is demonstrating the pull-up with two variations, in-front and behind the neck. Again I can not over emphasize the importance of correct form. This is crucial to back development. :)

The clean and press is a great way to increase total strength and develop the triceps and deltoids. This exercise promotes power.  Here you see Adrian performing just the shoulder press portion of the lift.

In this clip you see Stanley Spadowski demonstrating a bent over row. When doing this exercise you will use your middle back. As stated before when doing back exercises it is extremely important to maintain strict form, as anything less can result in injury let alone poor muscle development.
More to come.....  

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