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ANYCon 2017 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

ANYCon 2017 Videos

These are the ANYCon videos. Thanks to Tyler & Erin for inviting me down to record. Also thanks to the AV crew Chris, Bryan, Conner, Nigel, Ben, Dan & Joe.


ANYCon: Year One Kick-Off
Tyler Wightson

Keynote: Industry Of Change
Dave Kennedy

The Changing Landscape of Cyber Security and Training the New Generation of Cyber Warriors
Sanjay Goel

OWASP Top 10: Hacking Web Applications with Burp Suite
Chad Furman

Hacking Politics: Infosec in Public Policy
Jonathan Capra and Rashida Richardson and Shahid Buttar

Sniffing Sunlight
Erik Kamerling

Noob 101: Practical Techniques for AV Bypass
Jared Hoffman

Jedi Mind Tricks: People Skills for Security Pros
Alex DiPerna

Red Team Yourself
Thomas Richards

Jumping the Fence: Comparison and Improvements for Existing Jump Oriented Programming Tools
John Dunlap

The Stuffer
Sean Drzewiecki and Aaron Gudrian and Dr. Ronny L. Bull

Big Data's Big Problems
Jeanna Neefe Matthews

VLAN hopping, ARP Poisoning and Man-In-The-Middle Attacks in Virtualized Environments
Dr. Ronny L. Bull

Top 10 Issues in Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Law
Antony Haynes

Bringing Home Big Brother: Personal Data Privacy in the Surveillance Age
Todd Brasel and Michele Warner

Measuring the Efficacy of Real-Time Intrusion Detection Systems
Jeffrey Richard Baez

To SIEM or not to SIEM: an Overview
Chris Maulding

Let's Play Defense at Cyber Speed
Duncan Sparrell

Real Security Incidents, Unusual Situations
Adam Dean

Incident Response Evolved - A Preventative Approach to Incident Management
Aaron Goldstein

Thinking 1nside-the-B0x: Cyber Defense and Deterrence via How Hackers Think
Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Y. Wong

Making Friends for Better Security
Alexander Muentz

Does DoD Level Security Work in the Real World?
Jeff Man

New York State's New College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity:: Training a New Generation of Leaders
Dr. Brian Nussbaum
(Not posting)

The Road to Hiring is Paved in Good Intentions
Tim O'Brien

Whose Idea Was That? Comparing Security Curriculums and Accreditations to Industry Needs
Robert Olson and Chaim Sanders

Hacks, Lies, & Nation States
Mario DiNatale

Hold my Red Bull: Undergraduate Red Teaming
Jonathan Gaines

Ermahgerd: Lawrs
Prof. Robert Heverly

So You Want To Be A H6x0r, Getting Started in Cybersecurity
Doug White and Russ Beauchemin

DIY Spy Covert Channels With Scapy And Python
Jen Allen

InfoSec Career Building Through Reserve Military Service
Dan Van Wagenen

A Day in the Life of a Security Analyst
Marc Payzant and Ken Oliver and Aneesa Hussain

Breaking is Bad: Why Everyone at This Conference Will be Unemployed
Reg Harnish


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