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Hacking Politics: Infosec in Public Policy - Jonathan Capra and Rashida Richardson and Shahid Buttar (ANYCon 2017 Videos) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Hacking Politics: Infosec in Public Policy
Jonathan Capra and Rashida Richardson and Shahid Buttar

ANYCon 2017

In recent times, the issues of the InfoSec community have arguably become synonymous with those of our overall society. In a world where the Internet is now the backbone of every facet of life, from Wikileaks? influence on electoral politics, to encryption?s effect on law enforcement, we see constant examples where InfoSec is determining our geopolitical reality. As legislative and law enforcement bodies respond, it is unfortunately often in a less-informed manner. Ignorant, restrictive and even oppressive policies and legislation threaten to restrict free expression, hamper ingenuity and hobble digital security. Some of the threats are being devised right here in New York State, literally across the street at the Capitol. We will review recent attempts to litigate against encryption, mandate backdoors, and obtain private data without warrants or oversight. The InfoSec community must advocate for their interests in public policy within our democratic representative institutions and the court of public opinion. A diverse panel of speakers will examine how we can accomplish this with activism and lobbying.

Jonathan Capra - Communications Director, Restore the Fourth - Jonathan Capra is a former Occupier who helped deploy Internet access to the activists in the Academy Park encampment. He formed a civil liberties working group before heading up the march in Albany for the national Restore the Fourth event. He now serves as Communications Director for the Restore the Fourth 501(c)4 non-profit, and is host of their podcast, 'Privacy Patriots'. He is also a cable news producer and former DNS Administrator. Rashida Richardson - Legislative Counsel, NYCLU - Rashida Richardson researches and analyzes state and local legislation, rules and regulations that implicate civil rights and civil liberties. Prior to working at the NYCLU, Richardson was a staff attorney at the Center for HIV Law and Policy, where she worked on a wide-range of HIV-related legal and policy issues, and she previously worked at Facebook Inc. and HIP Investor in San Francisco. During law school, Richardson was also selected as a research assistant for Professor Margaret Burnham in Northeastern University's Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, where she participated in a landmark civil rights action against a county in Mississippi for a kidnapping and murder which took place in 1964. This suit was the first of its kind. Richardson graduated with honors from Wesleyan University in 2008, and she graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 2011. Shahid Buttar - DIRECTOR OF GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY - Shahid leads EFF's grassroots and student outreach efforts. He's a constitutional lawyer focused on the intersection of community organizing and policy reform as a lever to shift legal norms, with roots in communities across the country resisting mass surveillance. From 2009 to 2015, he led the Bill of Rights Defense Committee as Executive Director. After graduating from Stanford Law School in 2003, where he grew immersed in the movement to stop the war in Iraq, Shahid worked for a decade in Washington, D.C. He first worked in private practice for a large California-based law firm, with public interest litigation projects advancing campaign finance reform, and marriage equality for same-sex couples as early as 2004, when LGBT rights remained politically marginal. From 2005 to 2008, he helped build a national progressive legal network and managed the communications team at the American Constitution Society for Law & Policy, and in 2008 and 2009 he founded the program to combat racial & religious profiling at Muslim Advocates. Outside of work, Shahid DJs and produces electronic music, writes poetry & prose, kicks rhymes, organizes guerilla poetry insurgencies, plays capoeira, speaks truth to power on Truthout, occasionally elucidates legal scholarship, and documents counter-cultural activism for the Burning Man Journal.

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