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Ermahgerd: Lawrs - Prof. Robert Heverly (ANYCon 2017 Videos) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Ermahgerd: Lawrs
Prof. Robert Heverly

ANYCon 2017

When do you ? and other coders, hackers, developers, and tinkerers ? think or worry about the law? If your answer is, ?Not very often,? then this talk is for you. We all need to think about the law. And it?s not just privacy, or computer fraud, or even anti-circumvention law, that we should think about. We need to think about law as a whole and how it can help us do or stop us from doing what we want to do. This talk will start with a broad overview of the ways in which we implicate law when we do what we do, and then will focus on what that means for us and the broader implications that can arise from our various activities. Do you think the law would stop you from doing what you want to do or punish you for doing it? It might, but it also might not. If you think it does, do you think you should be able to do what you want to do? If you do, then we need to hack the law, and to do that we?ll need to talk to the legal coders, those writers of our cultural software. This talk will tackle not only law and working with code, but also why it matters for us to be aware of the law and engaged in improving it.

Prof. Robert Heverly is an Associate Professor of Law at Albany Law School of Union University, in Albany, New York. His primary focus is on issues relating to law and technology, especially the internet and information networks, cybersecurity, cyborg technology and intellectual property law. He teaches Cyberspace Law, among other courses, and has taught in the UK (Norwich Law School), Germany (Universit Trier & the George Washington Law Summer Program in Munich), and East Lansing, MI (Michigan State Law). He has been at Albany Law School since July of 2010. He holds an LLM from Yale Law School, a JD from Albany Law School, and Bachelors Degrees from SUNY Oswego. He probably likes lolcats a little too much. He can be reached at rheve@albanylaw.edu.

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