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HouSecCon 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

HouSecCon v6 2015 Videos

These are the videos from HouSecCon 2015 v6. Thanks to Michael R. Farnum for having my down, and all of the video crew.

9:00a-9:45a Opening Keynote – Mike Rothman
10:00a-10:45a Chris Jordan – Fluency: A Modern Approach to Breach Information and Event Management Trey Ford – Maturing InfoSec: Lessons from Aviation on Information Sharing Erik Freeland – Does SDN Mean Security Defined Networking?
11:00a-11:45a Dennis Hurst – Application Security in an Agile SDLC Richard Peters and Matthew Roth – Parasyste: In search of a host Danny Chrastil – What I know about your Company
11:45a-1:00p Lunch Lunch/ISACA Session Lunch / Business Skills Workshop
1:00p-1:45p Wendy Nather – How Google turned me into my mother: the proxy paradox in security Quincy Jackson – Extreme Q-Pwning: Remote Site Security Josh Sokol – The Fox is in the Henhouse: Detecting a Breach Before the Damage is Done
2:00p-2:45p Chris Boykin – Mobile Threat Prevention Damon Small – Connections: From the Eisenhower Interstate System to the Internet Jason Haddix – How to Shot Web: Better Web Hacking in 2015
3:00p-3:45p Adrian Crenshaw – Dropping Docs on Darknets Part 2: Identity Boogaloo Rich Cannata – Arm Your Endpoints Zac Hinkel, Andrew Huie, and Adam Pridgen – Arm Your Endpoints
4:00p-4:45p Julian Dunning – Kraken: The Password Devourer Anthony Blakemore – Removing the Snake Oil From Your Security Program Dan Cornell – SecDevOps: A Security Pro’s Guide to Development Tools
5:00p-5:45p Closing Keynote – Eric Cowperthwaite – Everything I need to know about Information Security, I Learned Shooting Tank Guns
6:00p-6:45p Closing



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