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Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2015 Videos

These are the videos from the Central Ohio Infosec Summit conference. Thanks to the video volunteers for helping me record.


We're At War - Why Aren't You Wearing A Helmet?
Bill Sieglein

Ghost In The Shadows - Identifying Hidden Threats Lurking On Our Networks
Deral Heiland

Rebuilding and Transforming and Information Security Function
Susan Koski

InfoSec’s Midlife Crisis & Your Future...
Tsion Gonen

Current Cyber Threats: An Ever-Changing Landscape
Kevin Rojek

Tech 1

IT Isn't Rocket Science
David Mortman

Mind On My Money, Money On My Malware
Dustin Hutchison

Private Cloud Security Best Practices
Mike Greer

Cyber Espianoge - Attack & Defense
Michael Mimoso

Three Years of Phishing - What We've Learned
Mike Morabito

Piercing Your Perimeter, Dodging Detection, and Other Mayhem! a.k.a. Pen Tester Voodoo 101
Mick Douglas

Physical Penetration Testing: You Keep a Knockin' But You Can't Come In!
Phil Grimes

Tech 2

Honeypots for Active Defense - A Practical Guide to Deploying Honeynets Within the Enterprise
Greg Foss

Building Security Awareness Through Social Engineering
Valerie Thomas & Harry Regan

Open Source Threat Intelligence: Building A Threat Intelligence Program Using Public Sources & Open Source Tools
Edward McCabe

Modern Approach to Incident Response
James Carder and Jessica Hebenstreit

Having your cake and eating it too! Deploying DLP services in a Next Generation Firewall Environment
Mike Spaulding

Using Machine Learning Solutions to Solve Serious Security Problems
Ryan Sevy & Jason Montgomery

Electronic Safe Fail
Jeff Popio

Emerging Trends in Identity & Access Management
Robert Block

Building a Successful Insider Threat Program
Daniel Velez

A New Mindset Is Needed – Data Is Really the New Perimeter!
Jack Varney


Software Security Cryptography
Aaron Bedra

Threat Analytics 101: Designing A "Big Data" Platform For Threat Analytics
Michael Schiebel

Developers Guide to Pen Testing (Hack Thyself First)
Bill Sempf

OWASP 2014 - Top 10 Proactive Web Application Controls
Jason Montgomery


IAM Case Study: Implementing A User Provisioning System
Keith Fricke

Measuring the Maturity of Your Security Operations Capabilities
Clarke Cummings

Exploring the Relationship between Compliance and Risk Management
Mark Curto

Data Loss Prevention - Are You Prepared?
Jason Samide

Compliance vs. Security - How to Build a Secure Compliance Program
Jeff Foresman

Overview and Analysis of NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Sarah Ackerman

The Explosion of Cybercrime - The 5 Ways IT May Be an Accomplice
Mark Villinski

GRC: Governance, Ruses & Confusion
Shawn Sines

Security Directions and Best Practices
Kevin Dempsey


Data Breach: If You're Not Prepared, You Can't Be Responsive
John Landolfi

Ten Practical Ideas For Creating An Attentive and Supportive Organization: Sales & Marketing For the Security Team
Glenn Miller

Strengthening Your Security Program
Chad Robertson

Presenting Security Metrics to the Board
Nancy Edwards

DREAMR - Obtain Business Partnerships
Jessica Hebenstreit

Security Talent In Ohio - A Discussion
Helen Patton

Silos to Seamless: Creating a Comprehensive Security Program
Jeremy Wittkop

Ascending Everest: Managing Third-Party Risk in the Modern Enterprise
Thomas Eck

And Then The World Changed…Again
Jason Harrell

Corporate Uses for Anonymity Networks
Adam Luck

Going To The Dark Side: A Look Into My Transition From Technologist To Salesman
Aaron Ansari

Building An Industrial Controls Cybersecurity Framework (Critical Infrastructure)
Ernie Hayden

Panel Discussion Insourcing Outsourcing and Hybrid
Helen Patton, Louis Lyons, Greg Franz, Jeffery Sweet, Sassan Attari, Carla Donev, Kent King







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