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We're At War - Why Aren't You Wearing A Helmet? - Bill Sieglein (Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2015) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

We're At War - Why Aren't You Wearing A Helmet?
Bill Sieglein

Keynote - Bill Sieglein It is a scary time on our planet. It seems as though the world is at war, physically and in the cyber realm. Nation-states, cyber criminals, and terrorists are beefing up their abilities to project power and force across the globe, in some cases without ever leaving their desks. Information security professionals have been sounding the alarm for a long time in an effort to raise awareness among executives. Based on the in-action of many companies, it is obvious that the risk of cyber-attack is still not well understood or appreciated. What will it take to get them to sense the urgency and magnitude of the risks as we see it? In this Keynote talk Bill Sieglein will draw upon his vast experience in the industry as 17-year veteran of the US Intelligence Community, former CISO, Author, and Founder of the CISO Executive Network to stress the importance of taking a war-like stance to combat the onslaught of cyber-attacks and how you might get your corporate executives to start listening.

Bio: Mr. Sieglein is an industry veteran with over 30 years in the IT industry specializing in Information Security, Risk and Compliance Management. His experience is broad and includes executive-level security program management. He has held positions as CSO, Dir of IT Security and other senior level security program management roles. His career includes 17 years with the US Intelligence Community including long stints at NSA and CIA. After his federal career Mr. Sieglein stepped into the commercial sector as a consultant where he successfully led security practices for several firms. In 2006 Mr. Sieglein founded what is now the CISO Executive Network, a North American peer-to-peer community for senior level information security professionals. He travels the country moderating 60 half-day member roundtables with his nearly 2000 members across 10 cities. Mr. Sieglein is an author and is often sought by media to comment on data security related stories.

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