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Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2016 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2016 Videos

These are the videos from the Central Ohio Infosec Summit conference. Thanks to the video volunteers for helping me record.

Track 1

Penetrating the Perimeter - Tales from the Battlefield
Phil Grimes

Navigating the FDA Recommendations on Medical Device Security _ and how they will shape the future of all IoT
Jake "malwarejake" Williams

Detecting the Undetectable: What You Need to Know About OSINT
Jerod Brennen

Why I quit my dream job at Citi - A data centric approach to key management
Mike Bass

Fail Now _ So I Don't Fail Later "A look into security testing and training methodologies"
Deral Heiland

Putting the Intelligence back in Threat Intelligence
Edward McCabe

All Your Door Belong To Me: Attacking Physical Access Systems
Valerie Thomas

The Humanity of Phishing Attack and Defense
Aaron Higbee

The Node.js Highway: Attacks Are At Full Throttle
Joshua Clark

Securing the Breach: Using a Holistic Data Protection Framework
Alex Hanway

Understanding Attacker's use of Covert Communications
Chris Haley

InfoSec Productization
David Kennedy

Track 2

Future of Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance
Max Aulakh, Bill Lisse

How Experts Undermine Your Forensic Evidence
Matthew Curtin

Datacenter Security Virtualized
John Michealson

Embracing the Cloud
Lisa Guess

"It was the best of logs, it was the worst of logs" - Stories through Logging
Tom Kopchak

Finding the Needle in the Hardware Haystack - Identifying and Exploiting Vulnerabilities via Hardware Reverse Engineering
Stephen Halwes, Timothy Wright

PKI-Do You Know Your Exposure?
Kent King

No Tradeoffs: Cloud Security and Privacy Don't Need to Be at Odds
Jervis Hui

Today's Threat Landscape
Dean Shroll

6 Critical Criteria For Cloud Workload Security
Sam Herath

2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report - Key Findings
Andy Kicklighter (no audio or live video recorded, so not posted)

Track 2

Educating the Board of Directors
Bob West

Burp Collaborator: The Friend You Didn't Know You Needed
Jon Gorenflo

Psychological Warfare: How Cyber Criminals Mess With Your Mind
Brian Henger

Threat Modeling for Secure Software Design
Robert Hurlbut

IAST Deep Dive: Understanding Interactive Application Security Testing
Ofer Maor

Building an Application Security Program
Mike Spaulding

Formal Verification of Secure Software Systems
Aaron Bedra

AppSec without additional tools
Jason Kent

Leveraging your APM NPM solutions to Compliment your Cyber Defense Strategy
Ken Czekaj, Robert Wright

Artificial Intelligence Real Threat Prevention
Art Hathaway

Defending the Next Decade - Building a Modern Defense Strategy
Mark Mahovlich

Track 3

Security vs Compliance in Healthcare
Sean Whalen

How to Secure Things & Influence People: 10 Critical Habits of Effective Security Managers
Chris Clymer, Jack Nichelson

Economically Justifying IT Security Initiatives
Ruben Melendez

Cross Industry Collaboration
Helen Patton

Third Party Risk Governance - Why and How
Jeffrey Sweet

IT Data Analytics: Why the cobbler's children have no shoes
Carolyn Engstrom

Food for Thought: Shining Light on Operational Technology Risks
J. Wolfgang Goerlich (not recorded)

BYODAWSCYW (Bring Your Own Device And Whatever Security Controls You Want) One approach to reduce risk
Steven Keil

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity -_It's never so bad that it can't get worse
Valerie Thomas, Harry Regan

Breaking the Phishing Attack Chain
Rafeeq Rehman (not recorded)

Cybersecurity Act of 2015 and Other Hot Privacy and Cybersecurity Topics
Heather Enlow, Chris Ingram

The Legal Perspective on Data Security for 2016
Dino Tsibouris, Mehmet Munur

The Legal Perspective on Data Security for 2016
Mehmet Munur, Dino Tsibouris

Track 4

Gamify Awareness Training: Failure to engage is failure to secure
Michael Woolard

Office 365 Security and Compliance Cloudy Collaboration – Really?
Robert Brzezinski

State of Security and 2016 Predictions
Jason Samide

A Capability Maturity Model for Sustainable Data Loss Protection
Gabriel Gumbs

Risk Management: Tactics to Move From Decision to Execution
Tremayne (Tre) Smith

Incident Response - No Pain No Gain!
Jim Wojno

Building an OSS CI/CD Security Toolchain
Kevin Glavin

A Touch(ID) of iOS Security
James (Jamie) Bowser

Track 5

Top 10 Tips for Educating Employees about Cybersecurity
Mark Villinski

SecOps: Innovating Security in Innovative Organizations
Warner Moore

You're measuring all the wrong things - information security metrics
Shawn Sines

Why Cybercriminals Are "Following The Money" Into Online Video Games
Matthew Cook

Security Certifications - are they worth it, and which ones are right for you?
William Diederich

Information Security Metrics - Practical Security Metrics
Jack Nichelson

The CONfidence of Things
John Robinson

Who is Winning?
Gary Sheehan

Security analytics journey - a year's lesson learned.
Mike Schiebel

Track 6

Integrated Software in Networking _ the Mystery of SDN
Oliver Schuermann

Securing our Future: Lessons From the Human Immune System
Gavin Hill

Have you tied together your IAM and Information Security Incident Management Program?
Joseph Greene

Compliance and Security: Building a Cybersecurity Risk Management Program
Jason Harrell

Don't try this at home! (Things not to do when securing an organization)
Jessica Hebenstreit

CISO for an Hour
Keith Fricke

Apple v. DOJ: Privacy in Today's Enterprise
Justin Harvey

Myths of Cloud Security Debunked!
Bil Harmer

Communicating Security across the C-Suite
Bill Lisse (no audio, so not posted)

Cyber Security - Super Bowl 50
Jim Libersky


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