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SkyDogCon 2012 Videos  (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

SkyDogCon 2012 Videos

Here are the videos from SkyDogCon. Thanks to all of the SkyDogCon crew, especially SeeBlind for running the cameras.


Opening Remarks-Trevor Hearn-Skydog

Rious and Sachin - "Hack the Badge"
GCS8 and Ginsu - Physical Security; Make sure your building is "Butter Knife Proof"...

Marcus Carey - Security Myths Exposed
SpikyGeek - Dealing with difficult co-workers: How I became the "Thanks for the candy" guy
Peter Shaw - Pivot2Pcap: a new approach to optimzing cybersecurity operations by tightly coupling the big-picture view provided by Netflow with the in-depth resolving power of PCAP.
Carter Smith - Gangs and the use of Technology
G. Mark Hardy - Hacking as an Act of War
Jeff Brown - RE, CND and Geopolitics, Oh My!

Curtis Koenig - Insanely Great!

Lee Baird - Setting up BackTrack and automating various tasks with bash scripts

Bob Weiss & Benjamin Gatti - Cryptanalysis of the Enigma

Dr. Noah Schiffman - Bioveillance: The Surreptitious Analysis of Physiological and Behavioral Data

Martin Bos & Eric Milam - Advanced Phishing Tactics Beyond User Awareness

Sonny Mounicou - Build a UAV!

Alex Kirk - Lifecycle and Detection of an Exploit Kit

Chris Silvers - Go With the Flow: Strategies for successful social engineering

Scott Moulton - Hack your Credit Score; How the System is Flawed

David Wyde - User-Readable Data and Multiple Personality Disorder

Closing of Conference

Download Videos From Archive.org
(Multiple formats should be available as they transcode them)

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