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Physical Security; Make sure your building is "Butter Knife Proof"... SkyDogCon 2012 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Physical Security; Make sure your building is "Butter Knife Proof"...
SkyDogCon 2012

 GCS8 and Ginsu

Physical Security do's and don'ts on a budget. A humorous but intelligent look at a physical penetration done with the simplest of implements, a butter knife... Pictures and video of our two intrepid explorers as they physically compromise the security of their workplace, all the while discovering that a butter knife will cut swiss cheese security quickly and easily. Originally done as a lightning talk, the requests to do a full length talk poured in and led us to expand on it. Come laugh with us as we show you issues you are likely to encounter at your own office!

GCS8 is a mostly hardware-oriented person and loves to take things apart. He has an odd need to know how everything works, and has spent most of his life in front of a computer. His dad is a PHD from MIT, so growing up he always got amazing answers to anything he asked, was always encouraged to learn and was supplied with what he needed to do so. He's now a systems engineer who makes up projects at work to keep from getting bored.

Having grown up with a mother married to an IBM SE and a Unix guru father, Ginsu was bound to be a geek. Using DOS from age 4, he quickly figured out how to get around any and all attempts by his parents to limit his priveleges, and by age 11 had been banned from AOL after being caught intruding a mail server. By high school, he spent his leisure time writing fun programs to control the attendance and grade book systems, and was banned from the network 6 times in a row without being reinstated. After high school, he joined the Army to do FM radio communications, and spent most of 2008 in southern Iraq. He currently does Network/Systems Administration at The Fortress of Solitude with GCS8.

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