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NolaCon 2019 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

NolaCon 2019


Recorded at NolaCon 2019. Thanks to @CurtisLaraque, @mikearbrouet, @openbayou, @takanola, @therealmacjeezy, Jason, Cole & @klulue for the video recording help, and @nola_con, @erikburgess_, @NolaConYvonne & Rob for having me down to record.

Threat Hunting Like a Gutter Punk
Trey Underwood
(Not Recorded)

One Random Insecure Wep Application Please (ORIWAP)
Nancy Snoke

Hashes to Ashes: Life & Times of Clandestine Infrastructure
Jason Kichen
(Not Recorded)

Threat Decluttering: Baselining to Spark Joy in your Threat Hunting
Brian Baskin John Holowczak

Understanding XSS
Christina Mitchell

Social Engineering At Work - How to use positive influence to gain management buy-in for anything
April C. Wright

BountyCraft - The Panel
Jason Haddix. Chloe Messdaghi
(Not Recorded)

DNS - Strategies for Reducing Data Leakage & Protecting Online Privacy
Jim Nitterauer

Automating Hashtopolis
Evil Mog

"It's Malware Time" - A Bar Crawl from Skunked Homebrew to Rotten Apples
Erika Noerenberg

Breaking into Cyber: How the hell are you supposed to get started?
Josh Millsap

After Mirai: Cyber Security Implications of IoT Botnet Proliferation Against Critical Infrastructure
Paul W. Brager Jr M.Sci, CISSP, GICSP, CISM

Making an internal Let's Encrypt relay server
Josh Harvey

Keynote - I PWN thee, I PWN thee not!
Jayson E. Street

Breaking Into Your Building: A Hacker's Guide to Unauthorized Physical Access
Brent White. Tim Roberts

Formula for a Bug Bounty Program
Chris Holt

Forensics Phish Tank: Breaking Down Analysis of Advanced Phishing Emails
Joe Gray & Sophia Fadli

Baking Your Anomalous Cookies
Jim Allee

Waiter, there's a compiler in my shellcode!
Josh Stone

Empathy for the (Devel)oper: Lessons Learned Building An Application Security Module
Yolonda Smith

MORE Tales From the Crypt...Analyst
Jeff Man

IR with Volatility Framework
Evan Wagner

Let's Talk About WAF (Bypass) Baby
Brett Gravois

Behavioral Security and Offensive Psychology at Scale
Josh Schwartz. Samantha Davison

My making of a Metasploit Module
Aaron Ringo

Don't Panic! A Beginner's Guide To Hardware Hacking
Phoenix Snoke

The Jazz Improv of Infosec
Damon J. Small

Elliptic Curve Cryptography: What it is and who needs it
Michele Bousquet


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