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After Mirai: Cyber Security Implications of IoT Botnet Proliferation Against Critical Infrastructure - Paul W. Brager Jr M.Sci, CISSP, GICSP, CISM NolaCon 2019 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec <br>Tutorial Videos)

After Mirai: Cyber Security Implications of IoT Botnet Proliferation Against Critical Infrastructure
Paul W. Brager Jr M.Sci, CISSP, GICSP, CISM

The Mirai botnet, and its extraordinary impact on service and cloud providers and many popular sites, such as Krebs, OVH, and Dyn, has changed the way we as security practitioners evaluate defense in depth for our security ecosystems, and the overall threat landscape. Consequently, however, the significance of the Mirai Botnet and what it was able to accomplish should bring concern to the potential implications against critical infrastructure targets, as those environments are becoming more connected. With IoT proliferation trending toward twenty-five billion devices by 2020, the threat surface for coordinated attacks to be directed at critical infrastructure targets will grow exponentially, outpacing our ability to effectively detect and respond to cyber threats against them.

Mr. Paul W. Brager, Jr has been a contributing member of the cyber security community for over twenty-three (23) years, with expert level knowledge of security architecture and defense-in-depth design, critical infrastructure/industrial cyber, IoT, and IIoT. He has extensive cyber experience in the oil and gas, manufacturing, power utility, chemical, banking and telecommunications sector. In his current capacity as a Technical Product Security Leader, Digital Technology with Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Paul works closely with oil and gas, energy, and internal clients to integrate cyber security capabilities and strategies into their critical manufacturing and operating infrastructure lifecycles. His efforts enable customers and internal clients to weave defense-in-depth cyber strategies into the overall design of products and solutions, thereby contributing to the oil and gas industry's ability to have a more defensible posture against some of the world's most complex adversaries. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University in Political Science, with a minor in Business, a Master's of Science in Administration of Justice and Security (Criminal Justice/Cyber fusion) from the University of Phoenix, and is an Alpha Phi Sigma (National Criminal Justice Honor Society) inductee since 2009. Mr. Brager is CISSP, GICSP and CISM certified, in addition to serving as an adjunct professor with the University of Phoenix, teaching cyber security courses within the IS&T program, and providing course module support to a number of education bodies, and other related endeavors. He is currently involved as a non-voting board member of ISSA (South Houston Chapter), ISA-99 Working Committee member, ICSJWG committee member and contributor, ISA, InfraGard (O&G and Power Utility SIGs), OWASP, ISACA, ISC2, NSBE and various other focus groups and cyber-focused organizations.\n\nTwitter: @ProfBrager

Recorded at NolaCon 2019

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