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NolaCon 2017 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

NolaCon 2017


Recorded at NolaCon 2017. Thanks to @CurtisLaraque, Federico, Morgan, & Ken for the video recording help, and @nola_con, @erikburgess_, Yvonne & Rob for having me down to record.

Does DoD Level Security Work in the Real World?
Jeff Man

Hacking the IoT: A Case Study
Nancy Meares Snoke and Phoenix Snoke

Going past the wire: Leveraging Social Engineering in physical security assessments
"Snow" Stephanie Carruthers

Hurt Me Plenty: The Design and Development of Arganium
Todd Carr

Easy Indicators of Compromise: Creating a Deception Infrastructure
David Kennedy

Arming Small Security Programs: Network Baseline
Matt Domko

Make STEHM Great Again
David Schwartzberg

Lean Threat Intelligence: Detecting Intrusions and Combating Infiltrators with Open Source Software
Lennart Koopmann
(sorry, no audio. Mic was off.)

Designing and Implementing a Universal Meterpreter Payload
Brent Cook

EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) - DNS CDN Magic or Secur
Jim Nitterauer

Rooting out evil: defend your data center like the Secret Service protects the President
Nathaniel Gleicher

Attacking Modern SaaS Companies
Sean Cassidy

The Unbearable Lightness of Failure
Dave Lewis

Phishing for Shellz: Setting up a Phishing Campaign
Haydn Johnson

Iron Sights for Your Data
Leah Figueroa

Security Guards -- LOL!
Brent White & Tim Roberts

Embrace the Bogeyman: Tactical Fear Mongering for Those Who Penetrate

Skynet Will Use PsExec: When SysInternals Go Bad
Matt Bromiley & Brian Marks

Red Teaming Newbies - A look into CCDC
Trey Underwood
(Not recorded)

Layer 8 and Why People are the Most Important Security Tool
Damon J. Small
(Not recorded)

Tor-Pi-Do NOW with Bloomin' Onion
Justin Whitehead and Jim Allee
(Sorry, audio fail)

The Devil's Bargain: Targeted Ransomware and Its Costs
Joshua Galloway

22 Short Films About Security
Charlie Vedaa

Security is dead. Long live Infosec!
David Shaw

An Employee, their Laptop and a Hacker walk into a Bar
Shannon Fritz

Beyond OWASP Top 10
Aaron Hnatiw

Scamming the Scammers: Hacking scammers with pwns
Nathan Clark


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