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 Make STEHM Great Again - David Schwartzberg NolaCon 2017 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Make STEHM Great Again
David Schwartzberg

Internet security threats continue to rise. Comparatively to the growing threats, there are too few security professionals in the field who are qualified to respond effectively. This session explores STEM?s success but the importance to include ?Hacking? into the acronym as a means to introduce a wider audience of future potential security practitioners to address the workforce shortage. A combination of use cases, hacking success stories, and lessons learned, we discuss the benefits of introducing younger students to ethical hacking and information security. We will future explore various programs which introduce basic skills through to advanced techniques used in the penetration testing field. Given the future of Internet security?s reliance upon a fresh crop of graduating students, the session will describe how breaking the mold of traditional education systems are already embracing STEHM without understanding how to define rubrics. STEM is good, but it?s time to Make STEHM Great Again

David Schwartzberg, CISSP, GMOB, is Sr. Manager, Security & Privacy for MobileIron. He has 22 years of information security and information technology experience. Specializing in mobile device management and security, David works closely with technology executives and security professionals to help them protect corporate secrets and remain compliant. In his spare time, he co-founded Hak4Kidz www.hak4kidz.com, and has blogged for Dark Reading, Naked Security and Baracuda Labs. David has spoken at conferences including: RSA, ISC(2) Congress, Black Hat Arsenal, BSides, Converge, DerbyCON, GrrCON, OWASP AppSec, THOTCON and Wall of Sheep Village, among others. Check out his blog at MobileIron Rethink:Security.

Recorded at NolaCon 2017

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