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Hurt Me Plenty: The Design and Development of Arganium - Todd Carr NolaCon 2017 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Hurt Me Plenty: The Design and Development of Arganium
Todd Carr

This talk will cover the design, development, and state of Arganium, the cooperative hacking shooter. Arganium is an open source project that splits a team into hackers and gamers who must work cooperatively and quickly to survive levels and solve hack challenges. The opening will cover how it fuses Jeopardy-style CTF with classic FPS. Its usefulness for the security community is discussed since it makes running CTFs quick and easy for many skill levels. There is also a discussion on games in education and how it can be used as a tool for team building and community engagement. After the opening the talk dives into the specifics of how the game works. This includes the structure of play, its software components, and a deep dive into how those components interact with each other. This involves the webserver, the game server, and how clients connect to both. Included is a discussion on why these components were chosen over their alternatives. To finish up the state of development, the completed and future features are discussed. The many failures and challenges during the development process are discussed openly and questions are strongly encouraged.

Todd Carr is a DevOps Engineer at Unity Technologies. He has built highly automated systems across multiple platforms for over a decade. He has authored open source projects including the game Arganium, the Salt automation tool Grinder, and various Puppet systems automation modules published on Puppet Forge. When not working on blue team security tools and automation he enjoys motorcycles, games, and building absurd projects on Raspberry Pi's.

Recorded at NolaCon 2017

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