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GrrCON 2016 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

GrrCON 2016 Videos

These are the videos of the presentations from GrrCON 2016. Big thanks to EggDropX and Jaime for having me out, and my video crew  (Chris, Erick, & Cooper) for recording.


Act Three, The Evolution of Privacy

Strolling Through Your Internet Museum
solcrush3r (not recorded)

Weaponizing Nanotechnology and hacking humans; defining the boundaries
Chris Roberts

Becoming a Cyborg: The First Step Into Implantable Technology
Michael Vieau

Buckaroo (not recorded)

Abnormal Behavior Detection in Large Environments
Dave Kennedy

Ghosts in the IOT
NinjaSl0th (not recorded)

No Title Given
atlas of d00m (not posting)

Secure Dicks
Michael Kemp

No Title Given

and bad mistakes I've made a few...
Jayson Street (Only first 30 min)

Predator to Prey: Tracking Criminals with Trojans and Data Mining for Fun and Profit
Ken Westin

Guarding Dinner
J Wolfgang Goerlich

Back to the Future: Understanding our future but following the past
Kevin Johnson

Breaking Android Apps for Fun and Profit
Bill Sempf

Attacking the Hospitality and Gaming Industries: Tracking an Attacker Around the World in 7 Years
Matt Bromiley & Preston Lewis

Security Guards -- LOL! Brent White & Tim Roberts

GrrCON Presents, Celebrity Bumfight Cybergeddon
Duncan Manuts & B3ltf4ce (not posted)


Internet of Things (IoT) radio frequency (RF) Analysis With Software Defined Radio
Kevin Bong

So You Want to Be a Pentester

What do you mean I'm pwn'd! I turned on automatic updates!
Scott Thomas & Jeff Baruth

Surreal Paradigms: Automotive Culture Crash
D0xt0r Z3r0

Reversing and Exploiting Embedded Devices (Walking the software and hardware stack)
Elvis Collado

Threat Detection & Response with Hipara
J. Brett Cunningham

Security 3.0: The future of information security, from beginning to End-point
Vinny Troia (replaced with talk below)

Still Broken After All These Years Aka Utility Security For Smarties
Doug Nibbelink

Threat Detection Response with Hipara
J Brett Cunningham

Quick and Easy Windows Timelines with Pyhon, MySQL, and Shell Scripting
Dr. Phil Polstra

Cruise Ship Pentesting OR Hacking the High Seas
Chad M. Dewey

Using Virus Total Intelligence to track the latest Phishing Document campaigns
Wyatt Roersma

Encryption, Mobility & Cloud Oh My!
Bill Harmer

Magnetic Stripes 101
Tyler Keeton

Machine Duping: Pwning Deep Learning Systems
Clarence Chio

Money, Fame, Power - Build your success as a security professional
Nathan Dragun

Tales from the Crypt...(analyst)
Jeff Man

What's in your Top Ten? Intelligent Application Security Prioritization
Tony Miller

Binary Ninja
Jared Demott

Phish your employees for fun!
Kristoffer Marshall

Mad Scientists

Securing Trust - Defending Against Next-generation Attacks
John Muirhead-Gould

Five Nights At Freddys: What We Can Learn About Security From Possessed Bears
Nick Jacob

Make STEHM Great Again
David "HealWHans" Schwartzberg

Pentester-to-customer:I will 0wn your network! - Customer-to-pentester:No, I will make you cry!
David Fletcher & Sally Vandeven

How Do You Secure What You Don't Control
Dimitri Vlachos

Fighting the Enemy Within
Matt Crowe

Getting to the Root of Advanced Threats Before Impact
Josh Fazio

Establishing Privileged Account Security Best Practices To Reduce Cyber Security Threats
Gerret Lansing

Reality-Checking Your AppSec Program
Darren Meyer

How to Implement Crypto Poorly
Sean Cassidy

Stop attacking your mother's car!
Charles Parker, II

Contracting: Privacy Security and 3rd Party
Nathan Steed & Kenneth Coleman

Alignment of business and IT Security
Shane Harsch

Establishing a Quality Vulnerability Management Program without Wasting Time or Money
Zee Abdelnabi (not posting)

So You've Inherited a Security Department, Now What?
Amanda Berlin

Piercing the Air Gap: Network Steganography for Everyone
John Ventura

On being an Eeyore in Infosec
Stefan Edwards

Welcome to The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow!
Joel Cardella

Board Breaking

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