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Converge 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Converge 2015 Videos

These are the videos from the Converge Information Security Conference. Thanks to Wolf for having me out and Chris, Justine, Ben, Briee, Nick and others I may forget for helping to record.


Hacking To Get Caught - Keynote
Raphael Mudge

Breaking in Bad (I'm the one who doesn't knock)
Jayson E. Street

Track 1

Weaving Security into the SDLC
Bill Sempf

If My CI/CD Teams have Time for Security, So Does Yours
Kevin Poniatowski

Adaptive Monitoring and Detection for Todays Landscape
Jamie Murdock

Threat Intelligence - A Program Strategy Approach
Jenn Black

Cymon: New Cyber Monitoring Tool
Roy Firestein

That's NOT my RJ45 Jack! | IRL Networking for Humans Pt. 1
Johnny Xmas

On Defending Against Doxxing
Benjamin Brown

Hiding in the ShaDOS
Richard Cassara

Security Culture in Development
Wolfgang Goerlich

Cracking and fixing REST services
Bill Sempf

PVCSec Live!

Clientless Android Malware Control
David Schwartzberg

Who Watches the Watchers? Metrics for Security Strategy
Michael Roytman

That’s still not my RJ 45 Jack - IRL Networking for Humans Pt 2
Johnny Xmas

Soft Skills for a Technical World
Justin Herman

Track 2

The Domain Name System (DNS) - Operation and Security
Tom Kopchak

Homebrew Censorship Detection by Analysis of BGP Data
Zach Julian

Four Pillars: Passion, Vision, Communication, Execution
Edgar Rojas

Excuse me while I BURP
Steve Motts

Public Recon: Why Your Corporate Security Doesn't Matter
Ronald Ulko (Not recorded)

Building the team for a successful SOC
Donald Warnecke

The Path Well-Traveled: Common Mistakes Encountered with SIEM
Nick Jacob

I failed, therefore I succeeded
Zee Abdelnabi (Not recorded)

 Adventures in Communication: Taming the C-Suite and Board
Jim Beechey

Under the Unfluence: the Dark Side of Influence
Ron Woerner

Application Security Awareness: Building an Effective and Entertaining Security Training Program
Chris Romeo

10 Reasons Your Security Education Program Sucks
Kris French Jr

Shooting Phish in a Barrel and other bad fish puns
Amanda Berlin

Process - The Salvation of Incident Response
Charles Herring

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