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That's NOT my RJ45 Jack! | IRL Networking for Humans Pt. 1 - Johnny Xmas Converge 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

That's NOT my RJ45 Jack! | IRL Networking for Humans Pt. 1
Johnny Xmas

Following close on the heels of last year's incredibly successful "Attack Paths: How to Get a Job in Infosec" talk, this instructional session discusses the specifics behind building up the soft skills necessary to effectively socialize and network with other human beings. This seminar will go beyond the obvious "do this; don't do that" information and focus heavily on how, where and what to practice in order to refine your skills. While most of the information will apply to all social situations, this seminar will have a career focus (not just InfoSec!), helping to provide information for not only job interviews, but also for being able to be better respected within your company or industry, allowing you to more easily communicate information and get buy-in from the appropriate targets. Guaranteed to be something in here for everyone, from the Basement Nerd to the Social Engineering Expert.

Johnny Xmas is a human being who speaks words. A lifetime of studying magicks of the Enochian, Golden Dawn and Icelandic Runeology / Galdrabók as well Hellenistic spellcrafting methodology have led him to a creepy level of understanding of how language, words, phonics and inflections affect the human subconcious. This has led him to be adominant personality in the Information Security world, though he can often be found speaking on the topic outside of the industry.

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