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Circle City Con 2017 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Circle City Con 2017 Videos

These are the Circle City Con videos. Thanks to the staff for inviting me down to record. Big thanks to @irishjack, @0DDJ0BB, @Ajediday, Jim, @securesomething Mike, @KitWessendorf, fl3uryz, InfaNamecheap, Chris and other for helping set up AV and record.


Opening Ceremonies

Opening Keynote: Words Have Meanings
Dan Tentler

The Never Ending Hack: Mental Health Challenges in InfoSec
Danny Akacki
(could not make it)

And the Clouds Break: Continuity in the 21st Century
Wolfgang Goerlich

DNS Dark Matter Discovery - There's Evil In Those Queries
Jim Nitterauer

Tales from the Crypt...(analyst)
Jeff Man

Trials and Tribulations of setting up a Phishing Campaign - Insight into the how
Haydn Johnson

Everything is Not Awesome: How to Overcome Barriers to Proper Network Segmentation
Jason Beatty

Talky Horror Picture Show: Overcoming CFP Fears
Kat Sweet

Fuzzing with AFL
Adam DC949

Cybersecurity for real life: Using the NIST Framework to protect your critical infrastructure
Ryan Koop

Why is the Internet still working?
James Troutman

Effective Report Writing for Security Practitioners
Benjamin Robinson

The Decision Makers Guide To Managing Risk
Joel Cardella

Application Security Metrics
Caroline Wong

Security Training: Making Your Weakest Link The Strongest
Aaron Hnatiw

Network Security? What About The Data?
0ddj0bb 0ddj0bb

Detecting DNS Anomalies with Statistics
Jamie Buening

It's A Disaster!
Cheryl Biswas

OSINT And Your World A Love Story
Michael James

Network manipulation on video games.
Alex Kot

Threat Intelligence: Zero to Basics
Chris J

The Kids Aren't Alright: Security and K-12 Education in America
Vivienne Pustell

Ph'ing Phishers

How To Be Curious
Bret Mattingly

Of Flags Frogs 4chan OPSec vs Weaponized Autism
Adrian Crenshaw

The State of Security in the Medical Industry
Cannibal (billy)

Open Sesamee
Max Power

See beyond the veil: Automating malicious javascript deobfuscation
Chad Robertson

Changing our future with 3D Printing
Emily Peed

You're not old enough for that: A TLS extension to put the past behind us
Falcon Darkstar Momot

We Don't Always Go Lights and Sirens
Kendra Cooley

Ichthyology: Phishing as a Science
Karla Burnett

Creating Your Own Customized Metamorphic Algorithm
Raul Alvarez

Peakaboo - I own you: Owning hundreds of thousands of devices with a broken HTTP packet
Amit Serper

Ye Olde Hacking
Johnny Xmas

Closing Keynote: Lectures or Life Experiences - Awareness Training that Works!
Tottenkoph & Cindy Jones

Closing Ceremonies


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