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Circle City Con 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Circle City Con 2015 Videos

These are the Circle City Con videos. Thanks to the staff for inviting me down to record. Big thanks to Oddjob, Glenn, Jordan, Tim, Will, Mike, Nathan, Chris and Branden for helping set up AV and record.

Track 1

Opening Ceremonies


Rethinking the Trust Chain: Auditing OpenSSL and Beyond
Kenneth White

Actionable Threat Intelligence, ISIS, and the SuperBall
Ian Amit

Security Culture in Development
Wolfgang Goerlich

Simulating Cyber Operations: "Do you want to play a game?"
Bryan Fite

Hacking IIS and .NET
Kevin Miller

User Awareness, We're Doing It Wrong
Arlie Hartman

Departmentalizing Your SecOps
Tom Gorup

Shooting Phish in a Barrel and Other Terrible Fish Related Puns
Amanda Berlin

ZitMo NoM - Clientless Android Malware Control
David Schwartzberg

Data Loss Prevention: Where do I start?
Jason Samide

Reducing Your Organization's Social Engineering Attack Surface
Jen Fox

1993 B.C. (Before Cellphones)
Johnny Xmas

Building a Comprehensive Incident Management Program
Owen Creger

 Is that a PSVSCV in your pocket
Jake Williams

Analyzing the Entropy of Document Hidden Code
Adam Hogan

Making Android's Bootable Recovery Work For You
Drew Suarez

Does anyone remember Enterprise Security Architecture?
Rockie Brockway

Malware Armor
Tyler Halfpop

Closing Ceremonies

Track 2

Ruby - Not just for hipster
Carl Sampson

Configure your assets, save your butt
Caspian Kilkelly

Digital Supply Chain Security: The Exposed Flank
Dave Lewis

I Amateur Radio (And So Can You)
Kat Sweet

Wireless Intrusion Detection System with Raspberry Pi
Chris Jenks

The Answer is 42 - InfoSec Data Visualization (Making Metric Magic & Business Decisions)
Edward McCabe

Running Away from Security: Web App Vulnerabilities and OSINT Collide
Micah Hoffman

Lessons Learned from Implementing Software Security Programs
Todd Grotenhuis

Stupid Pentester Tricks - OR - Great Sysadmin Tips! - Done in style of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Alex Fernandez-Gatti / Matt Andreko / Brad Ammerman (not to be posted)

Findings to date.
Cameron Maerz

Clean Computing: Changing Cultural Perceptions
Emily Peed (No Sound)

From Parking Lot to Pwnage - Hack?free Network Pwnage
Brent White / Tim Roberts

PlagueScanner: An Open Source Multiple AV Scanner Framework
Robert Simmons

How not to Infosec
Dan Tentler

Building a sturdy foundation - a program-based approach to IT Operations, Application Development, and Information Security in business
Steven Legg

Hacking the Jolla: An Intro to Assessing A Mobile Device
Vitaly McLain / Drew Suarez


Track 3

Operationalizing Yara
Chad Robertson

An Inconvenient Truth: Security Monitoring vs. Privacy in the Workplace
Ana Orozco

From Blue To Red - What Matters and What (Really) Doesn't
Jason Lang

Using Evernote as an Threat Intelligence Management Platform

Surfing the Sea and Drowning in Tabs: An Introduction to Cross-Site Request Forgery
Barry Schatz

Turn Your Head And Cough: Why Architecture Risk Assessments Are Like Being A General Physician
Nathaniel Husted

Jonathan Thompson

The Hacker Community is Dead! Long Live the Hacker Community!
Bruce Potter

Square Peg, Round Hole: Developing a Security Culture Within an Enterprise
Jeff Pergal / Stuart McIntosh

Smuggling Plums - Using Active Defnse techniques to hide your web apps from your attackers and their scanners
John Stauffacher

Deploying Honeypots To Gather Actionable Threat Intelligence
James Taliento

Clear as FUD: A look at how confusing jargon and technology can create fear, uncertainty, and doubt
Chris Maddalena

How to Budget for IDS
Brian Heitzman

Reverse Engineering Windows AFD.sys
Steven Vittitoe

Nepenthes: Netpens With Less Pain
Andy Schmitz

Do We Still Need Pen Testing?
Jeff Man



Lock Picking & Bypass Class

Your Own Worst Enemy Landing Your First Infosec Gig Despite Yourself - Johnny Xmas

Building an Incident Response Program - Lesley Carhart

Security Auditing Android Apps - Sam Bown




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