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BSides NOVA 2018 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides NOVA 2018 Videos

These are the videos from BSides NOVA 2018. Thanks to those who manned the video rigs and helped set up.

AM Keynote
Matt Devost

Fingerprints, Passcodes, and Self Incrimination
Wendy Knox Everette
(not recorded)

Deep Dive in the Dark Web (OSINT Style)
Kirby Plessas

PM Keynote
Jack Daniel

Adding Pentest Sauce to your Vulnerability Management Recipe
Luke Hudson, Andrew McNicol

The Value of Design in Cyber Threat Intelligence
Devon Rollins

DNC Hacked Data in the Hands of a Trained Intelligence Professional
Wally Prather, Dave Marcus

Your Facts Are Not Safe With Us: Russian Information Operations as Social Engineering
Meagan Keim

DECEPTICON: Deceptive Techniques to Derail OSINT attempts
Joe Gray

I Thought Renewing the Domain Name Was Your Job?
Allan Liska

Automating Unstructured Data Classification
Malek Ben Salem

Vulnerability Patched in Democratic Donor Database
Josh Lospinoso

Living in a world with insecure Internet of Things (IoT)
Marc Schneider

Vulnerability Accountability Levers and How You Can Use Them
Amelie Koran

Cyber Mutual Assistance - A New Model for Preparing and Responding to Cyber Attack
David Batz

Rethinking Threat Intelligence
Tim Gallo

What Color Is Your Cyber Parachute?
Cliff Neve, Candace King, Kazi Islam, Trey Maxam, Amelie Koran

Feds Meet Hackers
Ariel Robinson, Alyssa, Feola, Gray Loftin, Beau Woods, Amélie E. Koran
Removed By Request

Recruiting in Cyber
Dan Waddel, Kathleen Smith, Suzie Grieco, Sabrina Iacarus, Kirsten Renner, Karen Stied

How to get started in Cybersecurity
John Stoner

Improving Technical Interviewing
Forgotten Sec

Ask An Expert: Cyber Career Guidance and Advice
Micah Hoffman, Bob Gourley, John TerBush, Chris Gates, Kirby Plessas, Lea Hurley, Neal Mcloughlin, Ovie Carroll, Sarah Edwards, Tigran Terpandjian, Willie Lumpkin


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