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DNC Hacked Data in the Hands of a Trained Intelligence Professional - Wally Prather, Dave Marcus BSides NOVA 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

DNC Hacked Data in the Hands of a Trained Intelligence Professional
Wally Prather, Dave Marcus
@WallyPrather @DaveMarcus
BSidesNOVA 2018

When exposed or leaked data comes into the public eye what happens? News media skims through what they can, political opponents look for ammo, blame is placed, and lawsuits begin. What about the long game? A determined adversary would look at this data and ask: how can I develop assets and long term access into specific organizations at the right level? We look at the foundational doctrine approach to HUMINT (Human Intelligence) meaning who is a target and why. This can include key decision makers, scientists, local political personalities, law enforcement personal, religious leaders, and many more. We discuss how PAA (placement, access, and accessibility) are applied to groups, trends, programs, science, military, and government. What does a senior intelligence analyst do with the data? This presentation by the McAfees Advanced Programs Group answers that question. All data presented has been anonymized and sanitized to protect any individuals and organizations. This is what Foreign Intelligence Services are doing with the data, bet money on that!

Wally Prather, Dave Marcus

Jon “Wally” Prather is a seasoned intelligence professional with a wide range of subject matter expertise and is the Senior Intelligence Analyst for McAfees Advanced Programs Group (APG). Wally is proficient in multiple intelligence disciplines including HUMINT Targeting, HVI Targeteer, and Network Analyst with 15 years’ experience, primarily in maritime counterterrorism/ counterinsurgency operations with the US Marine Corps, Special Operations and Irregular Warfare. Wally has operational experience providing in-depth intelligence analysis and direct support to combat and interagency operations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa with over four years deployed to combat, hostile and sensitive environments to include East Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Dave Marcus currently serves as Director of McAfee’s Advanced Programs Group (APG) as well as being one of McAfee’s Principal Engineers. Mr. Marcus’s current focus is on building the APG’s Intelligence-as-a-Service offerings and intelligence platform. His responsibilities include further developing the APG’s intelligence methodology, targeted intelligence research, social network analysis as well as babysitting precocious analysts. In his spare time he lifts heavy things, is a family kinda dude and a hacker of things.

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