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The Value of Design in Cyber Threat Intelligence - Devon Rollins BSides NOVA 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

The Value of Design in Cyber Threat Intelligence
Devon Rollins

BSidesNOVA 2018

The hyper-focus of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) on structured tradecraft techniques aimed at understanding patterns and methods used by threat actors to conduct attacks is universally accepted. It remains a valuable undertaking that keeps companies safe and decision-making proactive. For all its objectivity, CTI is an exercise in influence and political capital in most enterprises. To resonate with customers, intelligence practitioners must provide sound analysis that honors the art of storytelling. The merits of good writing in CTI are well known, but communication is encapsulated in the entire sensory experience for the reader. This is where design principles baked into the intelligence lifecycle make its mark. At Capital One, Devon Rollins, Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence has seen first-hand the adoption of recommendations by CTI because of the rigor put forward to inform a stated position. Alone, the content of the intelligence product had merit, but what gave the it significant reach were visual aids -- iconography, complimentary color palettes, and layout for easy reading. Fundamental design principles go far and catapult the voice of the CTI program into boardrooms where business decisions are made. With so much competition for the attention of executives, Devon shares how you can harness visual design to ensure intelligence is actionable and ultimately actioned.

Devon Rollins

Devon Rollins serves as director of cyber threat intelligence at Capital One, where he champions security innovations across the technology enterprise to minimize risk. Rollins is also a fellow in New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. Rollins is very passionate about the intersection of technological innovation and public policy, particularly around online piracy and digital investigations. Rollins has accumulated 10 years of experience understanding the why behind cyber attacks and investigating what makes companies and citizens susceptible to the ploys of those who seek to do the American economy harm. Of equal interest to Rollins is increasing the pipeline of diverse faces in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Through his organization, STEMLY, Rollins advocates for high-quality STEM education at high schools in the nation’s capital. His work has been spotlighted in Washington Post, Technical.ly DC, AT&T’s The Bridge, and Carnegie Mellon Today. His latest collaboration, Washington Leadership Academy, is redefining high school with a blended-learning curriculum that will ensure students are civically engaged and technically astute. It premiered in the nation’s capital in Fall 2016 and was named an XQ Super School. Rollins is a native of Portsmouth, Va. and graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Carnegie Mellon University.

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