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BSides Cleveland 2016 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Cleveland 2016 Videos

These are the videos from the Bsides Cleveland conference. Thanks to djaj9, , Kevin, f0zziehakz &  as the video team. Thanks to twuntymcslore & RockieBrockway for being con mom & dad.

Morning Keynote
Ian Amit

Elementary, my dear Watson - A story of indicators
Nir Yosha

Preventing credential theft & lateral movement after initial compromise.
Cameron Moore

Ask a CISO
Jamie Murdock

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Michael Mendez

Fun with One Line of Powershell
Matthew Turner

Learning From Pirates of the Late 1600s - The first APT
Adam Hogan

Food Fight!
Wolfgang Goerlic

Afternoon Keynote
Chris Roberts

The Art of Bit-Banging: Gaining Full Control of (Nearly) Any Bus Protocol
Aaron Waibel

Playing Doctor: Lessons the Blue Team can Learn from Patient Engagement
J Wolfgang Goerlich & Stefani Shaffer-Pond

Security Automation in your Continuous Integration Pipeline
Jimmy Byrd

The WiX Toolset, How to Make Your Own MSIs
Charles Yost

A Rookie PoV: The Hollywood Fallacy
Raquel Milligan

Port Scanning the Hermit Kingdom: Or What NMAP Can Teach Us About Geopolitics
Thomas Pieragastini

Responder for Purple Teams
Kevin Gennuso

Splunk for IR and Forensics
Tony Iacobelli

Bridging the Gap or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Developers
Eric Mikulas

SafeCracking on a Budget Redux
David Hunt and Zack Nagaich

Process Ventriloquism
Spencer McIntyre

The Digital Beginning of the Analog End
Brad Hegrat

Gamify Security Awareness: Failure to Engage is Failure to Secure
Michael Woolard

Cons and Conjurers: Lessons for Infiltration
Paul Blonsky

State of Emergency: We're Under "Cyber" Attack
Jeremy Mio (not posted)

Closing Keynote
David Kennedy


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