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BSides Augusta 2016 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Augusta 2016 Videos

These are the videos from the BSides Augusta conference. Thanks to Lawrence Abrams, and all of the BSides Crew for having me out to help record and render the videos and Pentestfail and everybody that staffed a recording rig.


Keynote - Robert Joyce

Super Bad

Mobile Hacking
Aaron Guzman

Incident Response Awakens
Tom Webb

Dr. Pentester or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Blue Team
Ryan O'Horo

Exploit Kits/ Machine Learning
Patrick Perry

Detection of malicious capabilities using YARA
Brian Bell

Owning MS Outlook with Powershell
Andrew Cole

RAT Reusing Adversary Tradecraft
Alexander Rymdeko-Harvey

Internet of Terrible
Brandon McCrillis

I Got You

Using Honeypots for Network Security Monitoring
Chris Sanders

This one weird trick will secure your web server!
David Coursey

This is not your Momma's Threat Intelligence
Rob Gresham

Moving Target Defense: Evasive Maneuvers in Cyberspace
Adam Duby

Beyond Math: Practical Security Analytics
Martin Holste

Exploit Kits and Indicators of Compromise
Brad Duncan

ICS/SCADA Threat Hunting
Robert M. Lee and Jon Lavender

Agilely Compliant yet Insecure
Tom Ruff

It's Too Funky In Here

Gamification for the Win
Josh Rykowski and Scott Hamilton

IDS/IPS Choices: Benefits, Drawback and Configurations

Micro-segmentation and Security: The Way Forward
Jack Koons

Adventures in RAT dev
Hunter Hardman

Linux privilege escalation for fun, profit, and all around mischief
Jake Williams

How About a Piece of Pi - Experiences with Robots and Raspberry Pi Hacking
John Krautheim

Flaying out the Blockchain Ledger for Fun, Profit, and Hip Hop
Andrew Morris

Network Situational Awareness with Flow Data
Jason Smith

Living In A America

A worm in the Apple - examining OSX malware
Wes Widner

You TOO can defend against MILLIONS of cyber attacks
Michael Banks

Finding Evil in DNS Traffic
Keelyn Roberts

Ransomware Threats to the Healthcare Industry
Tim Gurganis

Using Ransomware Against Itself
Tim Crothers and Ryan Borres

Hunting: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Jacqueline Stokes, Danny Akacki, and Stephen Hinck

Automating Malware Analysis for Threat Intelligence
Paul Melson

Hide and Seek with EMET
Jonathan Creekmore and Michael Edie

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