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Hack3rcon 3 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Hack3rcon 3 Videos  

Here are the videos from Hack3rcon^3. Enjoy.

1 Keynote: Hacking Survival
Speakers: Larry Pesce
2 Next Generation Web Reconnaissance
Speakers: Tim Tomes
3 Intro to Network Traffic Analysis - Part 1
Speakers: Jon Schipp
4 Intro to Network Traffic Analysis - Part 2
Speakers: Jon Schipp
5 Automated Spear-twishing - It was only a matter of time
Speakers: Sean Palka
7 Building Dictionaries and Destroying Hashes Using Amazon EC2
Speaker: Steve Werby
8 Secrets of Running a Consulting Business
Speakers: Brian Martin
9 Bash Scripting 101 for Pen Testers
Speakers: Lee Baird
10 Keynote: Finding the MacGyver in You
Speakers: William A. Minear
11 EMP, yeah you know me..
Speakers: Adrian Crenshaw
12 Intro to Linux exploit development - Part 1
Speakers: John deGruyter
13 Intro to Linux exploit development - Part 2
Speakers: John deGruyter
This video is combined with the one above, but I'm too lazy to redo my numbering system. :)
14 Advanced Phishing Tactics Beyond User Awareness
Speakers: Eric Milam, Martin Bos
15 DNS Reconnaissance
Speakers: Carlos Perez
Sponsors: Tenable Network Security *SILVER*
18 Social Engineering Applied: Exploit the Target
Speakers: Keith Pachulski
20 From Patch to Pwnd
Speakers: Deral Heiland
21 Building a pad that will survive the times
Speakers: Branden Miller
22 Wielding Katana: A Pentesters Portable Pal
Speakers: Ronin


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