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Intro to Network Traffic Analysis - Part 1 Hack3rcon 3 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Intro to Network Traffic Analysis - Part 1
Hack3rcon 3

This packet capture crash course will provide students with the foundations for performing packet capture, traffic analysis, and the implementation of a NMS (Network Monitoring [System|Sensor]). Students of all levels of skill can gain from this workshop. These potential gains include operating system concepts, practical command-line usage and tools, increased knowledge of Linux networking, and TCP/IP stacks. Libpcap packet capture files (pcaps) will be distributed and analyzed by students. We will peruse malicious traffic (exploits, botnets, virii), bad users, loud users etc. Full-content data, session data, and statistical data will be touch upon. Students who wish to follow along should bring a laptop with a Linux distribution. I recommend having the following tools installed: tcpdump, iftop, tcpstat, netsniff-ng (compile it), ntop, tcpdstat, hping, nmap, speedometer, tcpflow, tcpick, snort, httpry, passivedns, ngrep, nfex, foremost, arpwatch, argus, vnstat, sar, mpstat, htop We'll do as many things as we have time for. Or, just bring a VM of Security Onion.

Jon Schipp

Touch of Class
For every hour spent with me twelve hedons will be earned.

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