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Bsides Las Vegas 2014 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Las Vegas 2014 Videos

These are the videos from the BSides Las Vegas conference. Thanks to all of the BSides Crew for having me out to help record and render the videos.

@bsideslv, @banasidhe, @jack_daniel, @SciaticNerd and all my video crew

Breaking Ground

Opening Keynote -- Beyond Good and Evil: Towards Effective Security - Adam Shostack

USB write blocking with USBProxy - Dominic Spill

Allow myself to encrypt...myself! - Evan Davison

What reaction to packet loss reveals about a VPN - Anna Shubina • Sergey Bratus

Untwisting the Mersenne Twister: How I killed the PRNG - moloch

Anatomy of memory scraping, credit card stealing POS malware - Amol Sarwate

Cluck Cluck: On Intel's Broken Promises - Jacob Torrey

A Better Way to Get Intelligent About Threats - Adam Vincent

Bring your own Risky Apps - Michael Raggo • Kevin Watkins

Invasive Roots of Anti-Cheat Software - Alissa Torres

Vaccinating Android - Milan Gabor • Danijel Grah

Security testing for Smart Metering Infrastructure - Steve Vandenberg • Robert Hawk

The Savage Curtain - Tony Trummer • Tushar Dalvi

We Hacked the Gibson! Now what? - Philip Young

Closing Keynote It\'s A S3kr37  (Not recorded :( )

Proving Ground

#edsec: Hacking for Education - Jessy Irwin

So, you want to be a pentester? - Heather Pilkington (Not Recorded)

Securing Sensitive Data: A Strange Game - Jeff Elliot

Brick in the Wall vs Hole in the Wall - Caroline D Hardin

Cut the sh**: How to reign in your IDS. - Tony Robinson/da_667

Geek Welfare -- Confessions of a Convention Swag Hoarder - Rachel Keslensky

No InfoSec Staff? No Problem. - Anthony Czarnik

Can I Code Against an API to Learn a Product? - Adrienne Merrick-Tagore

Bridging the Air Gap: Cross Domain Solutions - Patrick Orzechowski

Back Dooring the Digital Home - David Lister

iOS URL Schemes: omg:// - Guillaume K. Ross

Oops, That Wasn't Suppossed To Happen: Bypassing Internet Explorer's Cross Site Scripting Filter - Carlos Munoz

What I've Learned As A Con-Man - MasterChen

Training with Raspberry Pi - Nathaniel Davis

Black Magic and Secrets: How Certificates Influence You! - Robert Lucero

Attacking Drupal  -Greg Foss

Hackers vs Auditors - Dan Anderson

Third-Party Service Provider Diligence: Why are we doing it all wrong? - Patrice Coles

Pwning the hapless or How to Make Your Security Program Not Suck - Casey Dunham • Emily Pience

Teach a man to Phish... - Vinny Lariza

The Lore shows the Way - Eric Rand

Common Ground

SHA-1 backdooring and exploitation - Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Evading code emulation: Writing ridiculously obvious malware that bypasses AV - Kyle Adams

Security Management Without the Suck - Tony Turner • Tim Krabec

Vulnerability Assessments on SCADA: How i 'owned' the Power Grid. - Fadli B. Sidek (not posted)

Malware Analysis 101 - N00b to Ninja in 60 Minutes - grecs

Travel Hacking With The Telecom Informer - TProphet

The untold story about ATM Malware - Daniel Regalado

Using Superpowers for Hardware Reverse Engineering - Joe Grand

Why am I surrounded by friggin' idiots?!? (Because you hired them!) - Stephen Heath

Demystiphying and Fingerprinting the 802.15.4/ZigBee PHY - Ira Ray Jenkins • Sergey Bratus

Insider Threat Kill Chain: Human Indicators of Compromise - Ken Westin

A Place to Hang Our Hats: Security Community and Culture - Domenic Rizzolo

Booze, Devil's Advocate, and Hugs: the Best Debates Panel You'll See at BSidesLV 2014 - David Mortman • Joshua Corman • Jay Radcliffe • Zach Lanier • David Kennedy

Pwning the Pawns with WiHawk - Santhosh Kumar • Anamika Singh (Missing?)

Ground Truth

The Power Law of Information - Michael Roytman

Measuring the IQ of your Threat Intelligence feeds - Alex Pinto • Kyle Maxwell

Strategies Without Frontiers - Meredith L. Patterson

ClusterF*ck - Actionable Intelligence from Machine Learning - Mike Sconzo

Know thy operator - Misty Blowers

Improving security by avoiding traffic and still get what you want in data transfers - Art Conklin

The Semantic Age - or - A Young Ontologist's Primer

I Am The Cavalry Q&As

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