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Bloomcon 2017 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Bloomcon 2017 Videos

These are the videos from the Bloomcon conference.

Strange times we live in:
Alexander Muentz

Advanced Forensics
Brian Coleman
(Not recorded)

Real World Examples of IT Risks
Fred Reck

Chip off
Chris Hill
(Not posting)

The first 48: All your data are belong to us
Chad Gough & Molody Haase & Jared Sikorski

Deleted Evidence: Fill in the Map to Luke Skywalker
David Pany

The Cox Fight and Beyond: Kodi, the Brave New World of Copyright Infringement, and ISP Liability
Alex Urbelis

What is the size of a sparse file in NTFS
John Riley

Black Box Mac OSX Forensics
Brian Martin

Billy Ebersole
(Not posted)

Reconstructing domain popularity data for free
Erica Maciejewski
(Audio failed)

Math and Cryptography
Sam Gross

Road Ahead
Ben Tice

Honey, I Stole Your C2 Server: A dive into attacker infrastructure
Andrew Rector

Building a Scalable Vulnerability Management Program for Effective Risk Management
Katie Perry

New results in password hash reversal
Mark Sanders

Lessons Learned from Pwning my University Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas

Windows Event Logs - Zero to Hero
Nate Guagenti & Adam Swan

What Can my Logs Tell me?
Art Petrochenko

Pissing off the bad guys by porting grsecurity to > HardenedBSD
Shawn Webb
(Not recorded)

A POS Breach Investigation
Kevin Strickland

Abusing Google Dorking and Robots.txt
Dave Comstock

APT-What the heck is an APT?
Bill Barnes

A Costly Spelling Mistake: The Swift Network and an attempted $1 billion bank heist
Garrett Kroboth
(Not recorded)

Technological Changes that Affect Forensic Investigations
Diane Barrett

Deceptive Defence
Daniel Negron

Cryptography 0-128
Ben Tice

Offensive Android Application Explotation
Dinesh Shetty
(Not recorded)

Sometimes They Are Innocent!
Scott Inch

Securely Deleting Data from SSDs
Stephen Larson


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