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Sticky Honey Pots - Paul J. Vann Derbycon 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Sticky Honey Pots
Paul J. Vann
Derbycon 2015

A honeypot is a system on the DMZ, with fake information on it, and allowed access to the public. The purpose of honeypots is to keep track of, and log who is attempting to attack your network and data. My talk is going to be on a honey pot that I have recently built with Kali Linux. It will discuss how honey pots are used in the real world, and a potential new type of honeypot that I would like to design. I began my project with a simple honey pot to track netflow and see which countries were accessing my site. My new build will contain fake folders and files with important titles, within the folders there will be a Bar Code, and once scanned by the attacker, it will lead to a fake government site that I created. Once on the fake site, when someone tries to put in a password, it will send me an email alert for tracking. I will also discuss my results, and what those results can be used for. My results will include IP addresses, countries of origin, files taken, and web pages touched. I hope that you will consider, allowing me to share my knowledge with the hacker world and hope that I will be able to demonstrate this talk at this year's Derby Con.

My name is Paul Vann, and I am a 9th grade student in Virginia. I was recently accepted into a gifted/talented program at Michigan State University where I will be spending two weeks studying Math, Science, and various technologies. I will be attending Governors school in the fall and was double promoted this year in my school district. I have started taking some mathematics courses at MIT, via their online portal, and have self taught myself some Javascript programming language, Python, and HTML. I have always been interested in computers and ethical hacking, and that is what gave me the idea for a honey pot. I also have fun testing with Kali Linux, and have learned most of the tools and programs run for ethical hacking. I hope, even at my young age, that you will consider me to give my talk at Derby Con,

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