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Ron's Post-Workout Power Shake

Ron's Post-Workout Power Shake

by Ron the Barbarian

        Straight whey and water? Yuck, unless you are looking to cut carbs and calories at night and as you sleep. This puppy is a post work-out shake to give you what you need and with serious flavor! Trust me, it's cheaper to make than going to Smoothie King and you'll get more from it. Remember, to achieve optimum absorption, suck this puppy down immediately following a heavy training session—and definitely no later than two hours after your last rep. Most people believe, myself included, that a twenty minute metabolic window opens immediately after training. Mixing in advance is always a good solution to this dilemma if you are at work or the drive home after leaving the gym is extensive or riddled with last minute stops, crammed moments preparing for work, appointments, phone calls, etc.

        A blender makes all this MUCH easier than a spoon or a plastic shaker cup. Most shakers and the dreaded "swish with a spoon" method usually leave large, powdered chunks floating like muddy debris near the surface. Consider it an investment in your body.
Blend the following for approximately 1 minute at medium speed:

8 oz 1% milk.
3 scoops fat free ice cream (vanilla)
6 oz container Yoplait Light fruit yogurt (any flavor will do, but the peach is pretty damn yummy)
2 scoops (40 grams) whey protein powder

530 Calories
3 grams saturated fat
58 grams carbohydrates
57 grams protein

Total Cost: About $2.00

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