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0Day to HeroDay: Bringing a company from scorched earth to a modern security organization - Ryan Wisniewski (ShowMeCon 2019) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

0Day to HeroDay: Bringing a company from scorched earth to a modern security organization
Ryan Wisniewski

ShowMeCon 2019

This talk will outline how a company was brought down to its knees from a ransomware attack, how it rose from the ashes, and how it now has a full security organization. Ryan will take you through the thrilling adventure of building incident response, system architecture, disaster recovery, and system operations on the fly while the business was down - and how the group ensured the business could come back online without risk of reinfection. Then, he will discuss how he started a security organization from scratch and talk through the challenges of maturing an organization that was on the brink of destruction just a few months ago.

Bio: Ryan has been practicing information security for over a decade. He maintains a broad and deep knowledge of enterprise computing, risk management, and data security; and he enjoys sharing his learnings to help others secure their organizations.With a heavy background in IT infrastructure, Ryan is technically proficient in both small and large-scale computing environment including all aspects of storage, network, and compute for both on-prem and cloud technologies.He understands business value and process mapping and communicates these topics to business executives to better drive success through the organization. His ability to explain highly technical topics in a universally understandable message has enable Ryan to excel in implementations and organizational changes that would not have been possible otherwise.Ryan has proven knowledge with multiple patents, publications, certificates, and system implementations provides his peers with real life experience and lessons learned to better solve challenges that exist in the field. He currently holds a CISSP, GISP, and also is a member of the GIAC Advisory Board. He also maintains an MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Change Leadership from Northern Illinois University.Ryan is in continual pursuit of opportunities to share his knowledge and learn from others. Ryan enjoys giving back to the community and volunteers with various security community organizations and conferences to help teach others about information security.

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