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ShowMeCon 2019 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

ShowMeCon 2019 Videos

These are the videos ShowMeCon 2019. Thanks to Renee & Dave Chronister (@bagomojo) and others for having me out to record and speak. Also thanks to my video crew @r3tr0_cod3x, James, Aaron, Jon, @AlexTShell, @Mayer302, @MatthewRekos  and some other people I may have forgotten.



A Practical Approach to Purple Teaming
Matt Thelen

Some assembly required, instructions not included
Dave Chronister

The Dark Side of Physical Access Control Systems
Valerie Thomas

The Art of Cyberwar: A Foundation and Framework for the Development of TTPs
Kevin L. Johnson

Human Centered Design and You: Hack Your Life
Hudson Harris

The rising geopolitical cyber power
Kurt Aubuchon

Cracking the Code - Hacking the Human Mind
Scott Holman

Confessions of Really Bad SysAdmins
Andy Thompson

Sync Your Sh*t: Why it's time you paid attention to time
John Clark

How to screw up your Incident Response investigation in 10 steps or less
Vadon Willis

Control of Unclassified Information in Non-Federal IT Systems - Or What You Don't Know Can Cost You
Tim Grace

Why should your employees know how to phish
Mike Morris

The Making of Ch0mps - How the Bitcoin Crash Facilitated the Making of an Affordable Monster
David Vaughn

Redesigning Password Authentication for the Modern Web
Cliff Smith

Penetration Testing: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Vendor Management, Reporting and Risk Management (or lack thereof)
Justin L. Bauman

Why your red team shouldn't be snowflakes
Isaiah Sarju

0Day to HeroDay: Bringing a company from scorched earth to a modern security organization
Ryan Wisniewski

It's 5PM. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?
Dan Yarger
(Sorry, audio failed)

The Great Explainer: Feynman and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Kevin Johnson

TLSv1.3: Minor Version, Major Changes
John Wagnon

I PWN thee, I PWN thee not!
Jayson Street



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