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Cracking the Code - Hacking the Human Mind - Scott Holman (ShowMeCon 2019) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Cracking the Code - Hacking the Human Mind
Scott Holman

ShowMeCon 2019

Many cyber security and IT professionals consider themselves introverts and find comfort in their relationship with their computer and the network(s) they are protecting. Although these professionals are very astute in protecting their organizations network environment, many struggle with adequately being heard by leadership as they present the threats and solutions required to keep the organization running safely and effectively. Just as technology is a science, cracking the code to the human mind is also a learned science. Although many feel they are not naturally inclined at connecting and communicating with others, the science can be learned to allow a professional to grow to higher levels of success as he learns and implements the skills required to connect with and persuade others. Cracking the Code will simplify the complex and unnerving skill set of persuasion so that all IT and Cyber Security professionals can not only hack technology, but also hack the human mind.

Bio: Scott Holman, MBA - Webster University, is a 20+ year veteran of the physical security industry focused on managing fortune 1000 relationships to ensure that all their physical system security needs are met throughout the organization's national footprint.The knowledge and experience of Scott's role created an enthusiast in the topic(s) of behavioral economics and social engineering which focuses on how humans ultimately make decisions.Scott uses his experience and knowledge to teach professionals how to better connect with people, persuade others to achieve goals, and maintain relationships for long-lasting business and life success.

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