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SecureWV/Hack3rcon 2016 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

SecureWV/Hack3rcon 2016 Videos

These are the videos of the presentations from Secure West Virginia 2016. Thanks to Dave, Justine and Tim for helping record. Sorry for the off audio timings, this is the first time I've used OBS Studio for a con and I was testing new capture gear.


Benny Karnes

Dave Kennedy

SHALL WE PLAY A GAME. How to make an two player bartop arcade machine with a Raspberry Pi.
Steven Truax

Maker/Hacker Space Panel - RCBI

So You Wanted to Work in Infosec
Joey Maresca

Making Our Profession More Professional
Bill Gardner

Special Agent Michelle Pirtle
(not recorded)

So You've Inherited a Security Department, Now What?
Amanda Berlin

SUSpect - A powershell based tool to provide early detection of ransomware and other attack techniques.
Mick Douglas

Building an Infosec Program from Ground Zero: From the Coat Closet to the Data Center
David Albaugh

How to Not Cheat on Your Spouse: What Ashley Madison Can Teach Us About OpSec
Joey Maresca

Windows Timelines in Minutes
Dr. Philip Polstra

Scripting Myself Out of a Job - Automating the Penetration Test with APT2
Adam Compton

WTF? Srsly? Oh FFS! - IR Responses
Mark Boltz-Robinson

Women in Infosec Panel
Adrian Crenshaw
Amanda Berlin
Blair Gardner
(not posted)

Securing The Secure Shell, The Automated Way
Adam Vincent

Bitcoin: From Zero to "I get it."
Luke Brumfield

How to hack all the bug bounty things automagically & reap the rewards (profit)!
Mike Baker

Giving Back - Submitting to PTES 101
Jeremy Mio

Benny Karnes


Intro to Linux
Benny Karnes

BASH Scripting
Justin Rogosky
(not recorded)

Python Scripting
Adam Byers

Intro to Kali
Wyatt Nutter


Evidence Collection
John Sammons

Intro to WireShark
Josh Brunty

Intro to Digital Forensics
John Sammons

Network Forensics using Kali Linux and/or SANS Sift
Josh Brunty

Mobile Forensics An Introduction
Josh Brunty

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