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How We Learned Security from Steve - ghostnomad | ghostnomadjr | knuckles | micronomad Notacon 10 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

How We Learned Security from Steve
ghostnomad | ghostnomadjr | knuckles | micronomad
Notacon 10

Security is not always hard, but is not natural to how we normally do things. In our family’s search for a better way, we came across a man named Steve. Our first impressions of Steve were not of a security guru, but as we came to know him we found he “got” security better than most people. Steve dug deep and was able to build a sound security program from the ground up by cobbling up the resources he needed and crafting them into all the tools required. The lessons Steve passed on to us have been some of the most valuable in our quest for being more secure. In this talk we will share our journey with Steve and the things we learned along the way. From perimeter security to protecting the crown jewels, from physical security to online privacy, taking minimal resources and growing them into a vast storehouse, and beyond to lessons of life’s basic logic. By sharing Steve’s lessons of how to be secure maybe we can win this game and make ourselves, our families, and our organizations more secure.

The Four Nomads are your typical midwest family. Dad (ghostnomad) is in the information security field, while mom is a school neuropsychologist. Rounding out the rest of the family are three sons and a daughter. All four kids have taken to technology and wage psychological warfare on their parents, but the three sons have decided to team up with dad and share some important lessons families need in being secure. Ghostnomadjr is a 6th grader and second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do along with being a budding game creator. Knuckles is a musically inclined 3rd grader who lets no one past him on the soccer field. Micronomad is a fun loving 1st grader with a knack for being everywhere at once and remembering every little detail.

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