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Notacon 10 (2013) Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Notacon 10 (2013) Videos

These are the videos from the 10th Notacon conference held April 18th-21st, 2013. Not all of them are security related, but  I hope my viewers will enjoy them anyway. Thanks to Froggy and Tyger for having me up, and to the video team: SatNights, Widget, Securi-D, Purge, Bunsen, Fry Steve and myself (at least that is who it was last year, if you got he names for 2013 let me know).

Notacon 10 Intro From Froggy:


Track 1

Model Integrated Computing (Code Generation) and how it loves you and deserves love back - Michael Walker

Guns & Privacy - Deviant Ollam

Domestic Preparedness (the zombie Apocalypse is nigh upon us) - Illustrious Niteshad & megalos

DIY Neuroscience, EMGs, EEGs, and other recordings - meecie

Hacking Your Ability to Communicate - kadiera

Lasers for Fun! Lasers for Science. Lasers for Security! - Ethan Dicks

Video Everywhere! aka The Personal Distributed HD Video Network - Woz

Esolangs - Daniel Temkin

How We Learned Security from Steve - ghostnomad, ghostnomadjr, knuckles & micronomad

Are we getting better? – Hacking Todays Technology - David Kennedy

Critical Making - Garnet Hertz

DC to Daylight: A whirlwind tour of the radio spectrum, and why it matters. - Stormgren

Skeleton Key: Transforming Medical Discussions Through 3D Printing - KK Pandya

Youthful Exploits of an early ISP - Dop & KevN

Whose Slide Is It Anyway? - nicolle @rogueclown neulist

Track 2

I Forked the Law and We All Won - Fork The Law

Make me Babyproof! - Gina “the kat” Hoang

The Maru Architecture Design: A proposed BYOD architecture for an evolving threat landscape - Michael Smith

You Keep A-Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In - grap3_ap3

Encryption for Everyone - Dru Streicher (_node)

How I Became an iOS Developer for Fun and Debt - Mark Stanilav

AR_GRAF.OBJ: a darknet for the nuEra ?? - kevin carey, shawne michaelain holloway & brian peterson

Creating professional glitch art with PoxParty - Jon Satrom & Ben Syverson

Let’s Go CSRF’n Now! - grap3_ap3

Bad Games Arcade - Jake Eliott

The Winamp Imperative - Yoz (sorry, audio died at 6:09)



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