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GrrCON 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

GrrCON 2015 Videos

These are the videos of the presentations from GrrCON 2015. Big thanks to EggDropX and Jaime for having me out, and my video crew  (Chris, Justine, Aaron & Brian) for recording.


Subject matter to be determined by the number of federal agents present in the audience
Chris Roberts

Breaking in Bad (I,m The One Who Doesn,t Knock)
Jayson Street

Process The Salvation of Incident Response - Charles Herring

the art of hacking a human.
Zee Abdelnabi (not posted)

But Can They Hack?: Examining Technological Proficiency in the US Far Right
Tom Holt

The wrong side of history - everything that is old is new again
Arron Finnon

Poking The Bear
Mike Kemp

The Hitch Hikers Guide to Information Security
Kellman Meghu

Backdooring Git
John Menerick

Spanking the Monkey (or how pentesters can do it better!)
Justin Whithead, Chester Bishop

Adding +10 Security to Your Scrum Agile Environment

How I Got Network Creds Without Even Asking: A Social Engineering Case Study
Jen Fox

Through The Wire
(not recorded)

Shooting Phish in a Barrel and Other Terrible Fish Related Puns

This title intentionally left blank
(not recorded)

This Is All Your Fault
Duncan Manuts

The Safety You Think You Have is Only a Masquerade
Nathan Dragun


Bumper Massage

Security Incident Response
Derek Milroy

Hacking the Next Generation

Findings Needles in a Needlestack: Enterprise Mass Triage
Keven Murphy

My boss is our biggest vulnerability
Aaron Shaver (No show or not recorded)

Punch and Counter-punch Part Deux: Web Applications
J Wolfgang Goerlich, NerdyBeardo

Application Recon - The Lost Art
Tony Miller

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Hacking Baby Monitors
Mark Stanislav

Software Security IWR
Thomas "G13" Richards

Cyber 101 - Upstaring your career in a leading industry
Johnny Deutsch

Understanding and Improving the Military Cyber Culture
Dariusz Mikulski

AV is not dead!
Charles Parker, II
(Video screw up, not recorded)

Harness the Force for Better Penetration Testing
Patrick Fussell

Targeted Attacks and the Privileged Pivot
Mark Nafe

Shell scripting live Linux Forensics
Dr. Phil Polstra

Can you patch a cloud?
Scott Thomas

Is it EVIL?


Submerssion Therapy

Ticking me off: From Threat Intel to Reversing
Juan Cortes

Securing Todays Enterprise WAN
Andy Mansfield

Footprints of This Year's Top Attack Vectors
Kerstyn Clover

Welcome to the Internet of (insecure) things
Chandler Howell
(not recorded)

Medical Devices, the Flat Network of Unknown Risks
Arlie Hartman
(not recorded)

Phones and Privacy for Consumers
Matt Hoy (mattrix) and David Khudaverdyan (deltaflyer)

Path Well-Traveled: Common Mistakes with SIEM
Nick Jacob

On the care and feeding of cyber ninjas
(not posted)

How compliance doesn't have to suck….at least totally
Robert Carson & Bradley Stine

What is a cloud access broker and do I need one?
Tom Doane

Security Frameworks: What was once old is new again
Brian Wrozek

Attacks Against Critical Infrastructures Weakest Links
Jonathan Curtis

There is no perimeter: Lessons from historical fortresses on how to defend our organizations
Nathaniel "Dr. Whom" Husted
(not recorded)

Physical - Internal - Remediation - old title Stupid Pentester Tricks - OR - Great Sysadmin Tips
Alex Gatti
(not recorded)

Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems with the Raspberry Pi
Chris J

No One Cares About Your Data Breach Except You ... And Why Should They?
Joel Cardella

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