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Changing our future with 3D Printing - Emily Peed (Circle City Con 2017 Videos) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Changing our future with 3D Printing
Emily Peed

Circle City Con 2017

3D Printing represents the last tool that will be necessary is shifting into our new 21st century economy, as we finally break ourselves free from the shackles of the wealth inequality generated during the first three and a half industrial revolutions and the general perversion of economic sensibilities. We will transform our own perceptions of what the world is to become as we grow into second half of the third industrial revolution, and blossom into the totality of the fourth and its wide adoption among society. This is also an important shift in dynamic within the economy as larger corporations turn to automation to lessen their overhead costs and improve profitability. For many of the individuals displaced through automation, we must strive to replace their positions within the economy, provide new growth opportunities, retrain or open the market to be more competitive towards small businesses, and re-empower communities to be self-sufficient. Our definition of prosperity and what we consider a healthy community, economy, environment, and investment system must be restructured.

Emily is a writer for IFERS, or the Institute For Education, Research, and Scholarship, a 501(c)3 focused on providing high performing students opportunities for success and fostering associated tools. She spends her time studying high technologies and how they interact with aspects of society, economy, and our future. She has released a podcast that supports shows the behind-the-scenes research and brings cutting-edge topics to the forefront of American debate. She can be reached through knittinggothgirl.com, where more information can be found on writings, podcast materials, and the charity work being conducted.

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