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Circle City Con 2014 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Circle City Con 2014 Videos

These are the Circle City Con videos. Thanks to the staff for inviting me down to record. Big thanks to Oddjob, Glenn, James, Mike, Nathan, Chris and Branden for helping set up AV and record.


Conference Opening

Keynote - Beau Woods

Containing Privileged Processes with SELinux and PaX and Attacking Hardened Systems - Parker Schmitt

Whitelist is the New Black - Damian Profancik

Developing a Open Source Threat Intelligence Program - Edward McCabe

Blurred Lines- When Digital Attacks Get Physical - Phil Grimes

Hackers, Attack Anatomy and Security Trends - Ted Harrington

Exploring the Target Exfiltration Malware with Sandbox Tools - Adam Hogan

Day 2

From Grunt to Operator – Tom Gorup

Moving the Industry Forward – The Purple Team - David Kennedy

Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) - Von Welch

OWASP Top 10 of 2013- It’s Still a Thing and We’re Still Not Getting It - Barry Schatz

Tape Loops for Industrial Control Protocols - K. Reid Wightman

OpenAppID- Open Source Next Gen Firewall with Snort - Adam Hogan

Challenge of Natural Security Systems - Rockie Brockway

InfoSec Big Joke – 3rd Party Assessments - Moey (Not recorded)

How to create an attack path threat model - Wolfgang Goerlich

Day 3

Are You a Janitor or a Cleaner - John Stauffacher / Matt Hoy

Ain’t No Half-Steppin’ - Martin Bos

Closing Announcements

Track 2

Competitive Hacking- why you should capture the flag - Steve Vittitoe

3 Is a Magic Number (or your Reality Check is About to Bounce) - Edward McCabe

The TrueCrypt audit- How it happened and what we found - Kenneth White

Seeing Purple- Hybrid Security Teams for the Enterprise - Mark Kikta (Beltface)

Eyes on IZON- Surveilling IP Camera Security - Mark Stanislav

Cognitive Bias and Critical Thinking in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) - Benjamin Brown

Day 2

Hackers Are People Too - Amanda Berlin

gitDigger- Creating useful wordlists and hashes from GitHub repositories - Jaime Filson

Retrocomputing And You – Machines that made the ‘net - Pete Friedman

Doge Safes- Very Electronic, Much Fail, WOW! - Jeff Popio

Human Trafficking in the Digital Age - Chris Jenks

Keys That Go *Bump* In The Night - Loak

How Hackers for Charity (Possibly) Saved Me a LOT of Money - Branden Miller & Emily Miller

Ten Commandments of Incident Response (For Hackers) - Lesley Carhart

Threat Modeling- Fear, Fun, and Operational - James Robinson

Decrypting Communication- Getting Your Point Across to the Masses - Katherine Cook Frye

How often should you perform a Penetration Test - Jason Samide

Proactive Defense – Eliminating the Low Hanging Fruit - Matt Kelly

Active Directory- Real Defense for Domain Admins - Jason Lang

Day 3

Profiling Campus Crime - Chris J., Jason J., Katelyn C.,Alex H.

Proper Seasoning Improves Taste - James Siegel

Executive Management Manaing the Executives Beau Woods & Engaging the Media API Steve Ragan




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