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And Then The World Changed...Again - Jason Harrell (Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2015) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

And Then The World Changed...Again
Jason Harrell

Executive - Session #7 - Jason Harrell There was a time when the implementation of a firewall and antivirus was considered good security. Time moved on and our businesses introduced intrusion detection systems. Disruptions from natural and man-made events introduced our business to the importance of business continuity, disaster recovery and incident management planning. WHY?? Because our world changed as our expectation and dependency of technology changed. Once again, our world has changed. The stakes have been raised and our businesses are faced with the challenge of protecting our information assets. This starts with understanding the threat, and not just the news headlines. Many executives are challenged with understanding the threat and why the threat has changed. My aim is to provide the executive-level insight needed to understand this new landscape, what you need to do now and what you should consider for managing this risk going forward.

Bio: Jason Harrell has over 15 years of information technology, privacy, and cybersecurity experience within the financial services sector. Jason brings fresh industry perspective, innovative ideas and approaches to complex cybersecurity challenges. In his current role, Jason is accountable for delivery of the information risk program to BNY Mellon Investment Management. Prior to working at BNY Mellon, Jason held several positions in information technology and cybersecurity risk management including various roles at the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT), ABN AMRO and Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS). Within these organizations, Jason has lead both regional and global groups in the development and implementation of cybersecurity risk programs across business areas and has effectively integrated these programs with the organization areas of Risk, Compliance, Legal and Technology. Jason brings perspective on today's challenging cybersecurity environment and how business risks have changed because of this shift.

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