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Fight back - raising awareness @infosec - petri koivisto BSides Las Vegas 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Fight bak - raising awareness @infosec
petri koivisto

Why do we need security awareness? Apps/tools/services are under constant research (read: hacking) every day. Researchers are looking for fascinating problems to be solved, which are created accidentally by developers. It’s hard to admit but researcher evolution, motivation and attitude is currently more up-to-date than your ability to fight back to prevent them. There are real life examples about this matter. Current security breaches with eg. Target, Home Debot, Anthem has opened this area to the wide public, but there will be surely many more to come. Knowledge increases pain, doesn’t it? Developers cut corners with their trendy “agile” processes or pressure from customers and don’t really know or understand the basics of information security. There are certain infosec areas that need to exist in to your daily work, which will remove you to be the weakest link in the chain. When researcher comes for a visit, maybe you cannot prevent the intrusion to your system, you CAN prevent the exit with stolen data.

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