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Bsides Las Vegas 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Las Vegas 2015 Videos

These are the videos from the BSides Las Vegas conference. Thanks to all of the BSides Crew (Steven, Evan, Will, AJ, Jamison and others I'm forgetting) for having me out to help record and render the videos.

@bsideslv, @banasidhe, @jack_daniel, @SciaticNerd and all my video crew

Above The Ground Plane

Underground Wi-Fi Hacking for Web Pentesters
Greg Foss

#radBIOS: Wireless networking with audio
Richo Healey

I Amateur Radio (And So Can You!)
Kat Sweet

How to WCTF
Russell Handorf, Russell_Handorf III, Russell Handorf II

Better Spectrum Monitoring with Software Defined Radio
Michael Ossmann

Wi-Door - Bind/Rev Shells for your Wi-Fi
Vivek Ramachandran

Software-Defined Radio Signal Processing with a $5 Microcontroller.
Jared Boone

All Your RFz Are Belong to Me – Software Defined Radio Exploits
Balint Seeber

Breaking Through Cellular Gateway Devices
Mike Brancato (Not recorded?)

Breaking Ground

Injection on Steroids: Code-less Code Injections and 0-Day Techniques
Tomer Bitton, Udi Yavo

Getting the data out using social media
Dakota Nelson, Gabriel Butterick, Byron Wasti, Bonnie Ishiguro

An introduction of the Kobra, a client for the Badger version 2.0, providing tactical situational awareness, physical tampering protection, and automatic process mitigation
Edmond Rogers, Ahmed Fawaz, William Rogers

NSA Playset: Bridging the Airgap without Radios
Michael Leibowitz

Your Electronic Device, Please: Understanding the Border Search Exception & Electronic Devices
Whitney Merrill

WhyMI so Sexy? WMI Attacks, Real-Time Defense, and Advanced Forensic Analysis
William Ballenthin, Claudiu Teodorescu, Matthew Graeber

TAPIOCA (TAPIOCA Automated Processing for IOC Analysis)
Ryan J. Chapman, Moses Schwartz

Building an Empire with PowerShell
Will Schroeder, Justin Warner

Remote Access, the APT
Ian Latter

Crash The IoT Train Yourself: Intentionally Vulnerable WRT (IV-WRT)
Paul Asadoorian, Nick Curran

Common Ground

Barely Legal: the Hacker's Guide to Cybersecurity Legislation
Jen Ellis

Pentesting with Docker
Tom Steele

Don't hate the Disclosure, Hate the Vulnerability: How the government is bringing researchers and vendors together to talk vulnerability disclosure.
Allan Friedman

How Portal Can Change Your Security Forever
Katrina Rodzon

Angler Lurking in the Domain Shadows
Nick Biasini

A hackers guide to using the YubiKey - how to add inexpensive 2-factor authentication to your next project.
Russ Gritzo

Haking the Next Generation
David Schwartzberg

Backdooring MS Office documents with secret master keys
Yoshinori Takesako, Shigeo Mitsunari

Yes, you too can perform daring acts of Live Acquisition.
D0n Quix0te

For love of country: 15 years of Security Clearance Decisions
Kevin Tyers

Rethink, Repurpose, Reuse... Rain Hell
Michael Zupo

Adversary Intelligence from Conflict to Consensus
Alex Valdevia & Rich Barger

Why does InfoSec play bass? And other observations about hacker culture.
Adrian Sanabria


Ground Truth

Verum - How Skynet Started as a Context Graph
Gabriel Bassett

When steganography stops being cool
David Sancho

Analogue Network Security
Winn Schwartau

Crema: A LangSec-inspired Language
Sergey Bratus, Jacob Torrey

Making & Breaking Machine Learning Anomaly Detectors in Real Life
Clarence Chio

Have I seen you before?
Daniel Reich, Maxim Pevzner

Who Watches the Watchers? Metrics for Security Strategy
Michael Roytman

No More Fudge Factors and Made-up Shit: Performance Numbers That Mean Something
Russell Thomas

Advancing Internet Security Research with Big Data and Graph Databases
Andrew Hess

Intro to Data Science for Security
Rob Bird, Alex Shagla-McKotch


I Am The Cavalry

IATC Track Introduction and Overview
Josh Corman @joshcorman, Nicholas J. Percoco

Intro and Hack the Future
Keren Elazari

State of Medical Device Cyber Safety
Beau Woods, Scott Erven

How can we ensure safer Automobiles?
Chris Nickerson, Josh Corman @joshcorman

How can we ensure safer Medical Devices?
Beau Woods, Scott Erven

Leading in a 'Do'-ocracy
Chris Nickerson

State of Automotive Cyber Safety
Josh Corman @joshcorman, Craig Smith


Passwords Privacy Keystroke Dynamics
Per Thorsheim

Unspeakable passwords pronounceable or Diceware
Jeffery Goldberg

Pushing on String: Adventures in the 'Don't Care' Regions of Password Strength
Cormac Herley

What would fix passwords? Some weekly password audits. Pretty graphs to prove it! (A Haiku)
Rick Redman, Dale Corpron

Christian Heinrich, Daniel Cuthbert

Tell Me Who You Are, and I Will Tell You Your Lock Pattern
Marte Løge

Scrutinizing WPA2 Password Generating Algorithms in Wireless Routers
Eduardo Novella

Poppin' (Digital) Locks
Devin Egan

Privileges in the Real World: Securing Password Management
Andrey Dulkin

Security Questions Considered Harmful
Jim Fenton

I Forgot My Password
Michal Špaček

Harvesting Passwords from Source Code, Scripts, and Code Repositories
Philippe Paquet

Towards Standardizing Comparisons of Password Guessability
Sean Segreti, Blase Ur

Stronger Password-Based Encryption Using I/O Hardness
Greg Zaverucha

Auth for Encrypted Services with Server Side APT
Steve Thomas

Blind Hashing
Jeremy Spilman

PBKDF2: Performance Matters
Joseph Birr-Pixton

Password Alert by Google
Drew Hintz

No More Graphical Passwords
Mark Burnett

How Secure Are Multi-Word Random Passphrases?
Bruce K. Marshall

Are You Sure That You Still Need Passwords?
Bjorn Pirrwitz, Daniele Vantaggiato

Proving Ground

Speaking Metrics to Executives
Michael St. Vincent

Dropping hell0days: Business Interaction for Security Professionals - Or Anyone Else
Elliot Johnson

Practice Safe Cyber: The Miseducation of American Students on Internet Safety
Vivienne Pustell

Check That Certificate
Jacob Jernigan, Andrew Sorensen

The Journey To ICS
Larry Vandenaweele

Catching Linux Post-Exploitation with Auditd
Eric Gershman

Adding +10 Security to Your Scrum Agile Environment
Josh Louden

Fight back – raising awareness
 Petri Koivisto @infosec

What the heck is this radio stuff, anyway?
Nick Kartsioukas

SIEMple technology
Bill Davison

How I learnt hacking in highschool
Lokesh Pidawekar

ZOMG It's OSINT Heaven!
Tazz Tazz

Classic Misdirection: Social Engineering to Counter Surveillance
Peter Clemenko III

Phishing: Going from Recon to Credentials
Adam Compton, Eric Gershman

Social Media in Incident Response Program
JoEtta LeSueur

Cats and Mice - Ever evolving attackers and other game changers
Eric Kmetz

FAA, FTC, FCC - FU: How Three F'ing Agencies are Shaping Info Sec
Elizabeth Wharton

+10 Knowledge: Sharing What You Learn For the Benefit of the Everyman.
Ashley Miller

Maximizing Bro Detection
John B. Althouse

Embedding Web Apps in MITMProxy Scripts
Chris Czub

Out of Denial: A 12-Step Program for Recovering Admins
Paul Lee

Serial Box - Primer for dealing with Serial and JTAG for basic hardware hacking
Matthew Jakubowski

What Lurks in the Shadow
Cheryl Biswas

Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Original Research on Conflict Resolution Styles in Information Security & Risk Management
Rachael Lininger

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